Unhandled Exception

These fatal (as in, the game crashes) errors, lovingly referred to as a "UE", occur for a variety of known and unknown reasons.
Some common causes and solutions follow.
  • Cause: Third-party addons (scripts, mods, etc.)
    • Delete DSO files in your base and mod directories (you can find a DSO deleter here)
    • Uninstall any addons you may have recently added
    • Try running a clean install of Tribes2 (no addons, or as few as possible)
  • Cause: Graphics Drivers
    • Ensure you have the latest version of drivers, from your cards vendor website (NOT windows update)
    • If you have recently updated, try rolling back (downgrading) to the previous version
    • If you have an ATI graphics card:
      • Ensure you are using the Catalyst drivers for your card
      • Disable the Catalyst AI in the Catalyst Control Center
  • Cause: Your rendering choice
    Solution: Manually switch to Direct3d or OpenGL in your ClientPrefs.cs file
    For Direct3D:
    $pref::Video::displayDevice = "D3D";
    For OpenGL:
    $pref::Video::displayDevice = "OpenGL";
  • Misc. Solutions:
    • Try running in Windowed mode:
      $pref::Video::fullScreen = "0";
    • Skip the Intro:
      $pref::SkipIntro = "1";
    • Use 16-bit graphics:
      $pref::Video::resolution = "1024 768 16";

You will still get UEs from time to time, they are unavoidable (unless you stop playing, which wouldn't be fun).
However, if you manage to track down the cause(s), they can be minimalized.


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    If you are getting an Unhandled Exception about 15 seconds after launching online, you might be able to fix this UE by downloading the new IRC client.
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