server can't connect

I tried my old Xtreme Kills 2 mod. The server said, "heartbeat found". A short time later it said, "Can't find server/server did not connect".

- All ports are open
- I was NOT running the game on the same PC as the server.

I tried my window 7 ulitmate 64 bit system and my Dell notebook Vista 32 bit.

Anything else i should try.


  • Hi
    Do you have a router involved?
  • yes. a Belkin N wireless F5D8236-4 v2 (01). I opened all the ports

    Windows firewall off.

    AV. i am running AVG. will AVG stop it?

    I just tried again. it started:
    Starting camp thread...
    - server added to list

    about a minute or so later:
    -- sent heartbeat to TN Master. (
    - your server could not be contacted.
    - check your IP / port configuration
  • I put the server a DMZ in the router. After the server shows up. So it is definetely the router. I really don't want it to be DMZ.
  • If you have a firewall running in the server it will be ok.
  • so your saying open the server using DMZ, then turn on the windows firewall?

    will i need to open the ports in the win firewall?
  • You may, depending upon the os. There should be a property sheet for the firewall where you can specify ports and protocols, t2 servers use only udp protocol, and the port is typically going to be 28000 unless you alter it.
  • windows 7 ulitmate's firewall only has allow/disallow. So i allowed Tribes 2 just like all the other games it had listed.

    So the Win firewall should be enough? I have never trusted OS firewalls in the past. Win 7 is awesome, i guess it should be ok.
  • I trust a os firewall with all updates over just about anything else. You have little to fear as far as the w7 fw goes, ms has had decent firewalls in all their os's since xp - they are stateful packet inpection firewalls, and run in the kernel so they are fast and take up little cpu time. Matter of fact, even if you have an external fw or router, you should have the os fw enabled as well.
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