Can't connect server on LAN


I've successfully set up a server(*EU* Corecentral), which can be found in the list and joined. Tonight I wanted to join the server from another machine in the same LAN. While connecting from the internet works, it times out from within the LAN.
While I see the server in the list, I can't see it's mission or how many players are on.

What I *can* see is the ping - 3ms, and the WAN IP and the port. When I try to connect, the connection times out. Ah, and there a small red sign where the server icon should be in the list.

Any ideas? btw, connecting other servers works.



  • what ip are you trying to connect to?
  • I think I'm trying to connect to the WAN IP - which IMO should be no problem. A friend of mine could connect at the same time from the internet without problems.
    The server just doesn't seem to answer me within the LAN.
    What I did not try yet is to connect locally - but I think I have to be logged in with the Tribesnext server, so that won't work. Is there a server switch that disallows it to accept connections from LAN?

  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    Knowing your network topology would be beneficial. But I'll operate under the assumption you're on a NAT, since you mention differing IP addresses for LAN and WAN. If both systems are behind the same NAT, you *must* use the internal IP addresses to connect to the server.

    If you're running the server on the default port (UDP 28000), it should be detected automatically (via broadcast request). If you are not running the server on the default port (or if it is on a different subnet), you will need to add the IP and port to the list manually by pressing the Insert key, then typing in the address. You will probably want to set a favorite for future connections.

    Oh yeah, and... you should always be running in "Online" mode.
  • Hey, Thyth,
    thanks for your reply, that did it! :)

    I'm still not sure, why it didn't work out from the start. Both machines are behind a router and they are within the same subnet ( and I use the standard port. The router uses source NAT and is connected with VDSL 25-line, that gives decent bandwith for up- and download and a ping about 35ms for most of the EU players.

    There are some messeges printed in red in the server console, but from where I write now I've got no access to the server.
    After entering the LAN IP manually I was able to connect successfully. Again thanks for your help.

    I'll see and post the couple of lines from the server log, I still want to know why it doesn't work automatically.

  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    The server will print a message about checking LAN IP address compliance whenever a client attempts to connect (or successfully connects). This is an artifact of one of the workarounds added in TribesNext development. The actual check is patched to always pass.
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