Froggod's Hunter server (Yard Sale!!!)

I have tried and failed to make the server (running EVO MOD) show the current flag return record on the map BEFORE it starts rather than just after. It is very annoying to finish a game and realize that if you had grabbed 3 more flags before returning them you could have set the record. SO... here are the current record holders as of 1/5/2011

$Host::HuntersRecords::CountAgentsOfFortune = "60";
$Host::HuntersRecords::CountCasern_Cavite = "92";
$Host::HuntersRecords::CountDustToDust = "133";
$Host::HuntersRecords::CountEscalade = "73";
$Host::HuntersRecords::CountFracas = "62";
$Host::HuntersRecords::CountMinotaurHunters = "98";
$Host::HuntersRecords::CountMinotaurUnderground = "119";
$Host::HuntersRecords::CountOasis_hunters = "98";
$Host::HuntersRecords::CountSunDried = "65";
$Host::HuntersRecords::CountTalus = "64";
$Host::HuntersRecords::CountUnderhill = "113";
$Host::HuntersRecords::NameAgentsOfFortune = "\x10\c7\c6Froggod\x11";
$Host::HuntersRecords::NameCasern_Cavite = "\x10\c7\c6Omega Supreme\x11";
$Host::HuntersRecords::NameDustToDust = "\x10\c7\c6Newbie2424\x11";
$Host::HuntersRecords::NameEscalade = "\x10\c7\c6Bloodspeweth\x11";
$Host::HuntersRecords::NameFracas = "\x10\c7\c6Bloodspeweth\x11";
$Host::HuntersRecords::NameMinotaurHunters = "\x10\c7\c6Bloodspeweth\x11";
$Host::HuntersRecords::NameMinotaurUnderground = "\x10\c7\c6hackysack\x11";
$Host::HuntersRecords::NameOasis_hunters = "\x10\c7\c6k3yp1ayer\x11";
$Host::HuntersRecords::NameSunDried = "\x10\c7\c6Bloodspeweth\x11";
$Host::HuntersRecords::NameTalus = "\x10\c7\c6Bloodspeweth\x11";
$Host::HuntersRecords::NameUnderhill = "\x10\c7\c6Bloodspeweth\x11";

I will continue to try to figure this out. I tried to make it do a centerprint message before match. I have tried to make the server send a simple chat message to everyone before match start. I can't seem to do it. Maybe if TribesNext doesn't mind I'll post them here once a month or something :) . and yes, I am very upset that I only hold one record on my own server :)


  • oh, I should prob state that the EVO mod is simply an Admin MOD that shows more stats after the match so you don't need to have it to play on my server. I also changed the server so it keeps records even if only 2 humans are playing (default was 4 but that was in the old days when there were a lot of players). Greed mode is also set to 10 flags so you can't return less than that to the Nexus. The server name is Yard Sale!!! and I'm almost always on Saturday at 11PM EST.
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    Other than that, you will want to be looking here:
    function HuntersGame::startMatch(%game) -> for the start of game version.


    function HuntersGame::clientMissionDropReady(%game, %client) -> for when a client joins.

    of course you could always try both of those.

    * CenterPrint(%client, %message, %time_in_seconds, %lines);
  • yea, but there is too much data to use the centerprint. the %message would have to read something like
    centerprint(%client,"Current return record for this map" $Host::HuntersRecords::Count[$currentMission]),10,5);

    this does not work. I know WHERE to put it I just don't know the right way to make it happen.
    I also tried to pull this line right from the game. It's the one that prints the record AFTER the game. I stuck it at beggining of map but nothing happened..

    messageClient( %client, 'setlinehud', "", '%1 holds the record with a return count of %2 flags!', $Host::HuntersRecords::Name[$currentMission], $Host::HuntersRecords::Count[$currentMission] );

    That line is the one that prints the record holder at top of screen during game debrief. I just can't get it to work at beggining of the game where the "match starts in 5 seconds" text is sent. Do I have to change the 'setlinehud' to something else? It's VERY frustrating knowing the line but not how to make it show up somewhere else in the game!!!!
    Can someone move this over to the code modification section so maybe they can help??
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    Well first off, if that center print code you put there is the one you have, then that will not work anyways, the variable is outside of the message.

    Secondly, you don't need to worry about message length as it appears to you, so long as the ACTUAL message itself does not break the limit, you're fine. If it really bothers you that much, just use a variable like so:
    %message = "Current return record for this map: "@$Host::HuntersRecords::Count[$currentMission]@"";
    centerPrint(%client, %message, 10, 3); //Do note that the %line limit is 3

    I think also, you're thinking just a little too hard on the countdown one, just look in HuntersGame.cs for where the "mission countdown" is handled and slip a line in there using a similar %message format as above. Actually, if it's the mission countdown, you can completely "skip" over the client variable and go with MessageAll
    MessageAll('msgRecord', "\c3Server: The current record: blah blah blah here");
  • Thank you !! Thank you!! I got it working. Right no wit just shows the number, but soon it will also show the name!!
  • FROG GOD, when you going to put the server up again. if you need space I will try to put it on mine

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