New Server: rJay's Server

Hey, what's up? This is rJay. Gotta a new server comin' up. It's a classic running the classic EVO admin mod. It's still a beta, and will not be up all the time. But it will be a great place to hang. As soon as I get good at editing, we will see alot more edited maps and alot more maps and game types (from Feel free to swang on by if you see it up! Chances are, I'll be on there testing something and will play with you. One day, I hope to have rJay's Server up full time. My list of planned future servers are: rJay's Server, rJay's Server Xtreme (which will have edited classic maps that are Xtreme), rJay's Seige Joint, rJay's Arena, and rJay's Hunters. Of course, you may vote any game type on my main server. ;) I don't know when I'll be able to get them all up. (it may be a year or so...) So... now yall know my plans! Just puttin' it out there... Have a good one!


  • Update: May be a little longer than I thought. :P
  • Update 2: Won't be until I get a new computer. :P Sorry. But it WILL happen. Just may be a year or so. :P
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