Map that never was: Abaddon

Yes yes I know that Jim o'mighty made a map that used the briefing rescources to make his own map, but it contradicted the briefing in that you neither had command curcit access, access to heavy armor, or vehicles beyond what was given to you. That isn't to say it wasn't a really REALLY good map (that seems to have died off alongwith can't find it on tribaloutpost, then again it won't let me scroll past that first map listed even though it says there's fourteen selectable items).

Anyone that owned areal assault know if abbadon got made for the ps2?

Edit: Cauck the not-finding-ness up to my inability to spell correctly.

Abaddon by Jim o Mighty


  • twl-abaddon was a competition map that was popular for a time. recently played it in a 7 man match, played very well in 7 man.

    whatever abaddon map you're talking about i've never heard of; sounds like it sucks.
  • It has flaws aplenty, some of these involving the fact it's a duel centric map and the apparent difficulty in gettingsingle player specific things to happen. It's actually a fairly well done map.

    ...I just wish kenzie would stop spamming with whatever weapon she has out at the moment...
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