Flynn Lives

For all those fans who loved watching Light Cycles and Recognizers..


  • I hate you :P
  • I've never see the original, but I have played tron, and it is rather awesome.
  • edited July 2009
    man I hate to admit I own the original movie lol.As a kid I loved playing the arcade game to it was awesome.It is pretty kewl to see how far the technology has come since then oh and robertom rick rolling went out of style 2 years ago is some video of the game
  • It's about time they released the trailer. You can only watch the fairly crap quality of the camrip so many times.
    Thrilled to hear it'll be out next year though!
  • :D ;D ;D :o Y !Dam, got me :)! this is the third time today
  • Sexy in what way? The pot belly or the way the outfit hugs his .. body?
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