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  • Branzone is up and running. Classic mod, good players, non-retarded maps. What more could you ask for?

    free beer
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    I was assisting warlovr of Rebels during the change over to TribesNext and suddenly he stopped responding back via email. I'm guessing he just gave it up, :( anyhow I let him know a couple weeks in advance we're gonna use the Rebels 2 server name with no reply from him. If anyone has contact with him tell him we all said HI, sorry no beer left.
  • Good riddance to the loss of WarLovR. I don't tolerate the sort of stupidity he demonstrated during the pre-launch operations for TribesNext.
  • No need for negativity. When the =Rebels= v2 servers were popular a couple years ago lots of people had lots of fun. Version 2 compliments Classic for people who prefer a different playing style.

    The higher speed of the game is balanced by enhanced grenade launcher speed and the MA skills that v2 players tend to develop. The shrike is also faster, so in large maps flag chasers can catch up to the flag carrier before the cap. I used to play a lot of flag D, and did not have trouble chasing down the carrier even without a shrike.

    The higher repair and inventory speeds boost base defense so sustained base raping is harder. That's not to say it's impossible, the best time I've ever had doing HO is in v2.

    Again, this isn't strictly better than Classic, it's just different and many enjoy it more.

    The server-specific complaints made in this thread will become irrelevant once we get a few more people on the server. Whenever we have 8-10 people on the server the games are fun, and if we can start to have 16-20 people the great days of old will return.

    If your complaint is that there aren't enough skilled players, then come on over and bring some more good players with you. Quality play is bred by quality opposition.
  • There is no conflict between classic and V2, nor is one better than the other. I prefer V2, and no, Kryand, I'm not a newb. I've been playing since T1. I play classic and V2 but given a choice I will always go for a V2 game, regardless of the number of players.

    The last person who told me they have been playing since T1 couldn't even ski. When I call people newbs, I am not referring to how long they have been playing.
    For me, V2 is more fun. I prefer the faster pace. I don't know who started the notion it's easier, because that's just illogical nonsense. Yes, energy recovery is faster, but it's faster for *everyone*. There's a zero net advantage for any one player. Same goes for all the various tweaks in the mod. Running across an inventory is more enjoyable than standing in one, waiting for a loadout. Doesn't make the game any easier though.
    "Easiness" does not refer to how easy it is to go up against other players. It refers to the work you have to put forth for each individual task. Ski, shoot a weapon, blow up a generator, recover a base, fly a shrike, etc. All of that in V2 is super easy. Therefore, the mod is easier. You are probably confused right now because you're thinking "if capping is super easy then defending the flag must be super hard!", but you are forgetting that difficulty/skill is not the only factor. When newbs are easily defending the flag, and a newb tries to easily cap it, luck is what determines who wins. Both tasks are completely brainless, but something outside of a newb's control will happen to cause one of them to win out over the other.

    And for the 10th time, V2 is not faster than Classic. The problem is you actually have to be good at Classic to go fast in Classic. For players like me who do know how to go fast in Classic, V2 feels very slow. So, those of us who are skilled and prefer fast intense games will stick to the mod that's faster for us.

    Anyway, I'm not saying you aren't allowed to like V2. I'm just telling you why no one else likes it. Maybe you'll agree with them, maybe you won't. It's kind of like playing a single-player game through with cheats. Obviously the cheats make it easier, but some people actually like it better playing that way.
  • Kryand,

    Most of your points are not wholly without truth, but I take issue with your thesis:
    Anyway, I'm not saying you aren't allowed to like V2. I'm just telling you why no one else likes it.

    The =Rebels= servers of years past were routinely the most populated in 2005-2008, with only Houston/Miami vehicles on par in attendance. It enjoyed a stable fan base, and we've had many people come in to this server reminiscing nostalgically. Maybe you and the people you talk to don't like it, and I understand why, but there are a lot who do.

    Anyway, this thread has descended into petty arguments that needn't happen. The point is that this server is growing, and those of you who haven't tried v2 or have been waiting for a v2 comeback should check it out!

  • We don't need to lose a single T2 player. There are too few of us left.

    Hey now, common sense talk like that doesn't play around here! :D

    Seriously, I agree wholeheartedly. If you like a particular mod, more power to you. I prefer a slower, more vehicle-centric and teamwork oriented game of base myself (alas those days appear to be long gone), but a quick match of classic or v2 is a nice arcade like pick-me-up anytime. To me it's all about fun, not about schoolyard bragging rights.
  • Awesome server!! A great group of regulars comes there and the play is challenging as always. Those guys give me a good beating from time to time. Whatever version brings the players in is a good version. There is plenty of room in this world for more than one version. We all have our personal preferences and should maturely be aware that nothing we can do changes anybody's opinion. Thanks RB for a great server.
  • Hey I am going to check on whats going on at
    ...hmmm...Arguing, rb10 makes yet ANOTHER advertisment of his crappy server, kryand responses with a funny but mean responce, everybody jumps in, and I say to myself this guys need a life...THE USUALL. (On and I respond saying how we should all just stop this is stupid.)
  • Hey I am going to check on whats going on at
    ...hmmm...Arguing, rb10 makes yet ANOTHER advertisment of his crappy server, kryand responses with a funny but mean responce, everybody jumps in, and I say to myself this guys need a life...THE USUALL. (On and I respond saying how we should all just stop this is stupid.)

    And then Shizuka shows up to remind everyone how silly this is.

    Guys, it's just a game, and it's just a server. How many times are we going to have to retread this notion?
  • I didn't like v2 but I felt like I had to play because it was the only server with more then 20 people I could find . I think that's why a lot of other people played as well . I was happy to see it die only because I thought every one else had real game play they could take part in . but now I see people really do like the mod so I'm sorry for thinking that . So good luck . The only map I had fun on was machine heads flag arena . It was nice to play a map besides Kata all day every day over and over hmmm its time to feed my dog maybe I shouldn't feed my dog the same food all day every day over and over :(
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    I hope you all have a good week. ;D
    FYI we had some really good games with peeps mostly interested in winning and really didn't care what version it was. Wahooo to all the real sportsman for that.
    Mruballos you don't have to like my server but please be a gentleman if you know what that means and don't call it crappy and go back to sleep.
  • V2 for scrubs.
  • what is it that makes people think servers with more than 20 players ensures a better game?

    mebbe if you equate spam with a good game
  • I remember the days of ramming projectile over and over with that hilariously heavily-shielded nearly indestructible heavy transport.
  • Crackerjacker sorry you took it that way you will do better not playing on our server if that's how you feel, Goons may be the place for you.

    Did you not read my post directly above yours? I pretty much said I would be leaving your worthless server alone. Hell the only person on that server that could even aim was Honkey.
    I actually felt like i was playing a game with 4 year olds. Then you sold the deal with the temper tantrum you threw. As I told warlovr, your server won't last, but good luck.
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    Well Purest those heavy transports are still the same dread but they do get those heavy Peeps to the attack point most of the time. ;)
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    Well Crackerjack our server has been around for a year now and still going strong. I doubt you even know him. Good luck on whatever server will accept you. We sure don't miss you but you're welcome to join us anyway if you want a good game. 8)
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    Well Crackerjack our server has been around for a year now and still going strong. I doubt you even know him. Good luck on whatever server will accept you. We sure don't miss you but you're welcome to join us anyway if you want a good game. 8)

    Actually, I use to play on rebels when it was the "Only" server populated. I knew who warlovr was, and I am quite glad he is gone. He took no ones advice on how to improve his server and alot of his admins were complete tools. Megadoom and Glockomole come to mind. BTW, 4-6 players frequenting your server after a year is hardly going strong. As I said before, Good luck, I really do hope you can learn to admin better than warlovr, you might actually give v2 players a good place to play.
  • i have a demo of one of his admins using hm2 to detect cloakers, and a few pages of private messages where he shows that he didn't even try to fix the problems with his server
  • Hmm, what a lot of happy hor$e$hit coming from the classic addicts. RB promotes his server, big deal. Classic is better because the boring stuff takes longer? - well great, y'all enjoy repairing those turrets.

    There's only one properly tribal way to settle this. Obviously there needs to be a tournament, classic players vs. V2 gods. Two series of games, one series on a classic server the other on V2. Call it best of 5 for each, 1 game per weekend.

    Since nobody has a working team at the moment we'd all need a couple weeks to get our poop in a group. Meanwhile we pimp the tourney on whatever game forums we frequent, and if we're lucky we'll bring in some new players, or bring back old ones. In which case everybody wins regardless of the outcome of the tourney. (I'm just saying that to console the classic folks in advance...)

    Any symmetrical map will do. Circle of Stones, for example.

    We can flame back and forth on the forums and get nowhere, or show some sack and settle this with some manly pseudo-violence. Can you classic guys step up and put your hypothetical skills to the only test that matters? I suppose not. But I dare ya.

  • Kab this has all been done before. Anyway, I have had a lot of fun at goons and rbs, and will probably continue to do so.
  • Nice of you Blak to protect the classic guys from gettin' schooled. But I think it needs doing at least one more time
  • To my knowledge every time there was a scrim between classic and V2 players in the past, the V2 team was raped hard. In their own mod.
    Regardless, if you manage to scour up enough V2 players and want to organize this thing, I'm sure there's more than plenty of classic addicts in the #lastgasp crowd that'd be willing to show up for a match.

    Also, Circle of Stones is not a symmetrical map. And lol @ using it for a tournament match.
  • Kabal you have one thing right...the flames back and forth are going to go no where. So just stop. Trying to schedule a scrim between classic and v2 players will only end in one result and then what? Will the v2 players truely stop? Will the classic players stop bashing them? No...The only way to stop is to stop.

    You version two players need to realize a lot of people felt they were forced to play v2 for the longest time. Not only were they forced to play v2, but they were forced to play it on a single map...Over and over and over and over again. Of course some people are going to downright hate it. Get over it...Theres going to be people who don't like the mod/gametype you do. You like v2 all the power to you, but stop responding to flame bait with even more flamebait.

    Heres a tip you should of learned long ago just being on the internet, but obviously you missed it somehow. If it feels like someone is trolling you chances are they are...So stop feeding the trolls.
  • i would totally dedicate at least half the classic players to defending the capturable objective in the middle of circle of stones. it's got like, turrets and sensors and stuff. and you can capture it and it makes a cool capturing sound.
  • I get it, CoS not a good example. I realize it's not geometrically symmetrical, but the terrain is balanced in that it confers no particular advantage. But whatever, somebody suggest a more suitable map that isn't fing Raindance.
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    Wow, unbelievable.

    It wasn't a "scrim", it was a classic team joining the V2 competitive ladder when it was in its prime (as in, the best V2 players had teams there) and absolutely annihilating every single team on it without even practicing the mod beforehand. A team of V2 all-stars was even formed solely to beat the classic team, and they were destroyed. They didn't even get to challenge the classic team itself - they got destroyed by one of the other V2 teams that had several classic players playing as substitutes. That ladder run definitely proved that not only are classic players better than V2 players in every way, but V2 players don't even fucking know how to play the game at all. It's hilariois that kabal could even type the shit he's typing, let alone actually believe it. He must be one hell of a sheltered newb.

    Get your terrible newb team together. We don't need time to prepare. Whenever you're ready, let us know and we'll find 7 random guys who are available at that moment. Then we'll let the hilarity begin.
  • I vote for Magnum, Skylight and Woodymyrk

    Or if you want classic stock maps, Damnation, Dangerous Crossing and Stonehenge

    ps. post demos
  • well they've never played a map besides katabatic so they are at a sure disadvantage already
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