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We aren't dead, honest...
Dr_Oopy on March 17 2010 21:20:09 0 Comments 2 Reads Print

Just to let you know that we aren't dead, just moving incredibly slowly.
One of the main reasons has become my own personal life. A lot has changed for me over the last year which has unfortunately made very little time to sit on top of general management of Rise. I really need to win the lottery or something so I can pack up my real job and dedicate time to this.
I think most people severly underestimate the sheer amount of time and effort it takes to create something like this. Especially considering the amount of actual modding we have had to undertake to the Crysis engine to achieve what we need to.

However that all said, it is still my full intention to get Rise out there and plan to work on internal team aspects with fellow members to get the momentum going again.

Like I've mentioned in previous posts, for LT mode, coding wise we are pretty much release ready. A lot of complications with custom character modelling and general tarting up still remains outstanding which is preventing us from releasing anything new.

So yeah, apologies it has been some time, and my posts may of been pretty vague. As you may appreicate some aspects have been very hard to quantify, certainly in terms of the length of time some tasks can take. Hopefully I can give you something more promising in the very near future.


  • It's no lie. The assets they have are really awesome, and they've been churning away at it for years now.

    Maintaining a mod team is difficult as hell. It takes some pretty special circumstances and a fair amount sacrifice just to get SOMETHING out of the door. Hopefully Oopy will get the support he needs, but from experience I know that reliable help is nearly impossible to come by... unless you're issuing pay checks.
  • Its too bad the talents of the tribal wars guys and the rise guys cant be pooled together for a standalone Tribes game. At least for the art and model concepts. Its pretty impressive when you look at the these mods. Especially Tribal Wars since its actually been released. The design and art concepts for both mods are stellar. They look newer and modern without straying away from being Tribes like.

    Why a big publisher and highly paid developers cant get it is beyond me. Dont even ask me about the Legions models. From the player models to the flag. Legions is the funneh.

    By the way neolight you are one talented dude. You and arcanox get it.
  • Been over a year since I've last posted.. Just wanted to say, highly anticipating this.
  • Status update and team news
    Dr_Oopy on April 24 2010 08:55:51 0 Comments 4 Reads Print

    Hi all.
    It is with great regret that I no longer find myself with the time required to push Rise forwards to completion.
    This leaves us with a few options, Plan A being asking for some more help.:

    In order to push Rise to completion the team would need:
    A new project manager / lead developer. I cannot stress enough how important this role is. You will really need some real life project management skills and experience in managing multi-disciplined activities. It is not a position to be taken lightly.
    A modeller to help with the rigging aspects. This person should be very proficient with the workings of Cryengine 2.
    Level desiginer.
    Possibly an additional coder/scripter.

    Personally I have very strong links to this project, after investing a lot of time (and I mean a lot), effort and finances, so I would like to be involved with the Project Management as a 'consultant' :)

    Now if the team cannot get the mommentum, direction and possibly 'staffing' levels required, ala Plan A, within the next few weeks, then we have been talking about just releasing everything we currently have the momentent, source code 'n all. More details will be announced on that if we reach that stage.

    So if you can seriously help plug the gaps and fulfill roles need for Plan A, then please get in touch and we will discuss further.

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    This recent news makes me die a little inside. I need to go listen to a certain REM song with the word 'hurts' in the title.

  • wanted to say i didn't see this coming

    but i did
  • I really don't see what it matters any way . All the work put in to TribalWars Mod for QuakeWars = nothing . No one wants to buy the game . How sad, every thing would have turned out the same . So in a way I'm glad they didn't waist anymore hard work on it just for no one to buy crysis .
  • I really don't see what it matters any way . All the work put in to TribalWars Mod for QuakeWars = nothing . No one wants to buy the game . How sad, every thing would have turned out the same . So in a way I'm glad they didn't waist anymore hard work on it just for no one to buy crysis .

    I would much rather buy Crysis than quakewars. And this coming from someone who played Quake 1, Quake 2 and Quake 3.

    I dislike what they did with quakewars so much that you'd have to pay me take it. I also like the CryEngine 2 a lot more than the one quakewars uses.

    Ultimately, the only thing that's going to pull the majority of the community from T2 is for some studio to put out a stand-alone product that brings all the Tribes goodness with a shiny, recent engine; e.g. cryengine 3 or cryengine 2. The best part of this option is that it would introduce the Tribes universe to a new, larger generation of gamers. In effect, we would see more Tribes-like games in the future, as a result of how well a new Tribes game would do.
  • I would NEVER EVER want to take a community or any one away from tribes 2 . But I would like us to have other new things to play along side t2 .
  • Rise Release: Our design doc open...
    Dr_Oopy on May 06 2010 20:10:05 0 Comments 2 Reads Print

    Hi all.
    Well no positive news in terms of boosting the existing team to push Rise forwards.
    However we will be releasing pretty much everything we've been working on.
    This will include opening up our design documentation wiki and forum (in read only capacity).
    There will be a few things that won't get released, and we are respecting the requests of individuals within the team whether they would like to release what is essentially work in progress assets (3DS Max and texture files).
    However the source code will be released, and some maps.
    Rise as it stands is already playable in a rough LT mode (client and server).

    So to give you an insight on how we went about planning and trying to run a world wide team, our Wiki is now open for viewing:

    We used the Wiki as our design document. It is still not entirely complete and some of the planning stages have been pretty out of date.
    Still I hope that if you might be planning to take up Rise and develop it further, this will be useful to you.
    Some of the team might be interested in joining you so please let us know if you are starting a project.

    Further update at some point next week for the general release.

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