How active is T2?

Hey all,

Tribes: Ascend refugee here. I've been reading a lot of posts on T:A forums about what T2 is like, and I honestly wanted to go ahead and really try it out. But, before I get it, can anyone tell me how active it is? I'm in the GMT+2 timezone, so I'd like to know I won't be playing on my own. :P


  • With TA out, T2 has taken a beating but if you really want to see, I would suggest downloading, installing, and looking up the servers. If you haven't played T2 at all and this is your first time, be in for a graphics shock. T2 was created way back when and they are the greatest, but you'll get past that with the gameplay mechanics.

    Also, welcome aboard!
  • Thanks for the welcome! And I'll do that. Graphics don't bother me, though. I'm one of those stubborn people that never stopped playing Deus Ex or Baldur's Gate|Planescape: Torment.
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    Welcome to Tribes Next as well.

    If you want some offline target practice, the link in my signature will lead you to maps with smart bot support, far better than the standard bots. Though, you will need a somewhat beefy CPU to handle 64 bots b/c T2 is mostly single core. My rig is an i7 2600k @ 4.5ghz with GTX 580, and it can still get choppy with only 10-18% CPU load.

    If you open up UDP port 28000 (the default for T2), then you can host listen servers that others can join in on. Great way to have some coop experiences and gain practice with some of the teamwork vehicles like the bombers.
  • The busiest time on the Goons server for you will be after midnight your time as that is equal to about 5pm onwards USA central time.

    Usually there are people on 24/7 but the numbers do dwindle outside peak times.

    The the hit of TA being released there are usually between 30-40 people on at peak times so you can get some pretty decent games.

    There is currently a tournament running which keeps a lot of people active.

    Welcome to T2 the game with the best gameplay mechanics around. :)
  • Thanks for the welcome you two.

    @Meta - I'll look into it. My specs aren't all that great, but I'll try out the bot maps. Not sure if my PC can handle hosting a server, either(but then again, I don't know much about what hosting a server does besides drain your net speed).

    @Jack - Yeah, I hopped on the Goon Haven server last night and played up past midnight. :D I can safely say T2 has me hooked, but I'm still learning my way around. The physics are so different, but...a lot more fun. And I can actually hit mid-airs in this game. No bullet spam either, so far(T:As automatics are horrendously imbalanced, but the devs aren't really doing anything about it, so meh), which is a big plus.

    So far I've found myself loving the targeting laser(yay for helping down vehicles and pointing out pesky enemies), but some of the things are still pretty alien to me. Time to go rummaging through the guides section for T2. :D
  • Tribes 2 is so old, it allows people to host and run their own servers, without renting from a 1st or 3rd party. It's a good thing in the sense that it gives the community control over how they want to play the game; custom rules, mods, add-ons, etc.

    Can't actually own your own server in T:A and a lot of modern games...

    Factor in that the Torque Engine netcode was designed way back before high speed internet became common, today's standards (DSL or cable) should easily allow you to run a server without any issues, provided you opened up the UDP port in your firewall/router and nothing else is using your internet. If your server shows up in the "# SERVERS ONLINE [+]" on the top left of the Tribes Next site, then others can see and join it too.

    When you host a listen server, it means that you must stay inside T2 for the server to exist; you log out or exit T2 and everyone on the server gets dropped too. A dedicated server allows you to run a server without staying in the game, you just leave the (dedicated) program running on your desktop.

    If you have 1-6 friends that you'd like to play with privately, listen servers are the way to go.
  • Gotcha, but out of my friends I'm the only one who plays T2. The others play T:A. Had a fairly fun, low-player count match set on Goon Haven today, too. Heavies are brutal to fight, I've found.
  • It'd be nice to have the ta folks add t1 and t2 as optional installs so players could experience the game as it has moved.
  • Do people still have PUGs in T2? I'd love to get back into it after playing TA I realized just how much more I enjoyed T2.
  • Hey! A bit late to the party here, but welcome and good to see people giving T2 a shot. Haven't tried Ascend yet, but when I read it is now class-based, I knew it was too late... I had high hopes but it's not going to replace Tribes 2. I'm eternally thankful for the TribesNext initiative.
  • Yo! Welcome! Looking forward to seeing you in gameplay!
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