New player! Hello there!

Just wanted to drop in and say hello!

I started playing the Tribes franchise wayyyyy back when... yesterday. ;) It has been a lot of fun, and people have been generally quite nice and helpful, so just wanted to say thank you for that!

It's a shame that more people don't play this awesome game. I tried Tribes Ascend, but my computer was about ready to die after a few minutes in the tutorial. Guess I'll be sticking with this. ;D

Also, which game has more players in general? Tribes Next or Starsiege Tribes? Both are free, so I figured I might as well pop the question.

Looking forwards to meeting more of the community and really diving in, I love what I have played so far. I will do as much as I can to promote this little title to those who would like some nostalgia who are playing Tribes Ascend, and those like me who would like to play but have terrible computers by today's standards.

Have a good one, and thank you devs for making such an awesome game come back to life after the master servers went down (or so I'm told, in '08)!


  • Tribes 2 is way better than Tribes Ascend. Don't let the dated graphics fool you, you won't even notice it after awhile.

    Welcome to T2. :)

    I recommend you sign up for the T2 tournament.

    You will learn a lot being surrounded by veteran players in a competitive environment. Don't let your newness keep you away.

    You'll also find the T2 community generally hangs on irc.

    A good client to use is Xchat.

    The server =
    The main T2 room = #lastgasp
  • Ah, thanks for the reply!

    Ooooh, a tournament for a game this old?! That's awesome! Too bad I don't have the time. :'(

    I use the Chatzilla IRC add-on for Firefox, so I will connect to the IRC channel later when I have the time and poke around. Thanks for the info!

    Yes, your sentiments concerning Tribes Ascend are ones that I have heard from more than a few people. Glad to be here. :)
  • Oh, and one quick question: how do I change my FOV in-game? I'd like it to be 120. Thanks! :D
  • hey wuts up this is rJay. WELCOME!!! :D Lookin' forward to it. I'm pretty new. 8 months now. Really all I do on here is welcome noobs lol. I don't know anything about FOV, but if you need anything, give it a shot. :) I know some scripting/mapping. Again: good to see ya here, and I'll catch ya later! :)
  • If you want it to be 120 and left there simply go to:
    GameData\base\prefs and change this line:
    $pref::Player::defaultFov = 120; //set desired fov value here
    You can use notepad to open and save the file after editing, pros use Tribal IDE.
  • Yep. I use IDE. It's awesome. I even use it for essay writing lol. Thanks blak. Hey, what is FOV? And would it help me to change it? I never bothered it b/c i didn't know what it was.
  • FOV = Field Of View, or how far side to side you can see looking ahead, your peripheral vision. Humans have about a 110 degree natural fov, fishes have huge fovs, the game defaults to 90 I think, can't remember, but many players widen it out. I set it to 95 and leave it as I am disturbed by the parallax and perspective distorion wider fovs create. It becomes like what you see when you play as an alien in aliens v predators if you've ever played it. Most players are likely not bothered by the parallax a wider fov gives.
  • Thanks, Blakart! :D I think I'll play around with it a little, just to see.
  • Does that mean you can set 360 degree FOV? That's messed up.
  • Does that mean you can set 360 degree FOV? That's messed up.

    Try it (edit this in your Prefs):
  • No. The max is 120.
  • Correct! (I just wanted him to try it)
  • LOL. Also, the max for cameras and turrets is 150. But that's a server side thing.
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