Your external address has not been set or is set incorrectly.

Only one server is showing up on my in game server list and when I try and join it says...
Your external address has not been set or is set incorrectly.

Attempting to reset.

I have tried resetting my router.

I have tried turning off windows firewall.

Not sure what else I can do. I did just install the latest Windows 8 update.


  • Is there anything conflicting with the external IP, like Hamachi?
    I had Hamachi a few month's back so my friend could host a local server rather than hop on my server and it created issues with Tribes, Battlefield...

    I didn't think it had anything to do with the other, it may have to do with components installed rather than the adapter itself.
  • No I don't run anything that would conflict.

    I remember occasionally getting this error but a restart of the game would always fix it. It isn't going away this time.

    I just reset my router again. I disabled Windows Firewall again. I have restarted my PC.

    I just cannot figure it out. It logs into the game just fine but the server list just doesn't work. I get that error.

    One server shows up on the server list but I cannot join it because I get that error. Other than that the server list is empty. Yet I check on TribesNext and the server list is full.

    I am at a total loss as to what happened. I played Tribes 2 the other week just fine. My Windows did an update yesterday before I tried playing so maybe that was it. Other than that nothing has changed.
  • ok I found the problem. It was a piece of Spyware called "RelevantKnowledge."

    I got rid of it and T2 now works. I am not sure what the malware did but I suppose it took priority over T2. I wonder where I picked it up from?
  • "Infection Causes

    There are many ways your computer could have become infected with relevantknowledge. By far, the most common cause of infection is through the use of browser exploits. The scary part about this is that your PC can become infected by doing nothing more than visiting a compromised website.

    In addition to browser exploits, many users become infected from deceptive banner and pop-up ads that disguise themselves as Windows updates or notifications. Once you download their software, which appears innocent, a trojan is installed, allowing the makers to install other software onto your PC."
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