Goon Haven server

Hi guys, I remember playing years ago on a server called "Goon Haven" but for some reason it no longer appears on the server list. It was a 64 fighters server with no mods, only true tribes 2 style with vehicles and a lot of fun. I would like to know if it is still alive or their server has been closed. My last time i played on that server was 2010. But today after 10 years, i have a great nostalgia.

Can someone tell me if there are servers up without bots and without mods?


  • It's been dead for many years, but other servers have taken its place since then. And people do play every day. There are servers with bots (that will kick your ass) as well. Just look in the servers section on this site.
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    That's basically what Discord Pub is now, come join

    Things you need to play:

  • I recall Goons being Tribes2 V2 server. At this time there is only Classic. One day there may be a V2 server which everyone loved just as much as the Classic players that are playing on the mentioned discord link above.


  • KrashKrash Neptune Sleeps


    Goon Haven was a Classic server

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