New Map - Slamnation

Haven't made one in a very long time. I thought you might appreciate something new to look at. Simple with a bit of fun and style.

Basically I was thinking of a basketball hoop style flag stand and this is what I came up with. It will play like Dangerous Crossing in the sense that you have some simple base assets with no generators to worry about. Each inventory structure has a repair pack on its upper level. Behind the backboard is a cache of energy packs so at least you can have a decent shot at counter capping if your base is being dunked on or you don't have time to get to a station. It uses the terrain of Damnation but the mission area is expanded to the next row of hills to allow some different return routes. Flags are 900m apart and bases are nested in what are the corner hills of Damnation.

[Screenshots below]

I managed to get the flag right on the edge of the arrow shaped stand and was able to do some cool grabs utilizing the flag structure. While it does sit under the rim a bit, you are able to grab it with your feet if you skim the top of the flag. I tested this with a speedy disc jump chain from the sides. If I can do it, surely you guys can! Other approaches involve going through the hoop. It wasn't difficult at all to navigate and I don't think I experienced any dead stops when I did hit the structures after grabbing. I was pleased with how many angles I was able to grab from and still get moving in meaningful directions. The backboard offers both a risky disc jump option or simply a surface for the capper to bounce from on grabs that exit topside. The top to bottom grabs go pretty cleanly if you can hit the terrain curves near the stand. Perhaps the coolest one I pulled off was a horizontal grab where I hit the back lip of the rim as I descended, curving down and out of the hoop back towards home base. Felt really fun and stylish. All in all, the shape of those interiors seemed to do a good job bouncing me rather than causing dead stops, so I think it will play well.

Since I tested this solo, I can only infer how it will play for defenders. The hoop does have a couple sections to the sides that someone can stand on. The backboard also offers surface area for clamp turrets as well as a thin spot to stand on top. The backboard naturally blocks horizontal grabs from the back, but over the top and through the hoop is still a threat.

Feel free to perform whatever touch-ups you see fit. I did a little fine tuning but figured it was in a good enough spot. I feel the setup and distances are in line with what you guys have been playing while adding a fun flag stand twist. Enjoy!


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    A new serverside map in 2021? Hell yeah. Nice job. It looks very nice. Hope people will be hosting it. If I get to bot supporting it I will have to modify the flag stand a bit maybe.

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