Tribes 2 Content Pack v1.1

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This Content Pack (version 1.1) will overhaul your Tribes 2 installation with a ton of fun community content. It's intended for solo play against bots in various mods, but online patches are available as well if you wish to play multiplayer. 

Some examples of what this contains:

-Mods such as Triumph, Meltdown 2, ClassicBots, War2014, RevMod 2, Shifter, etc. with their respective clients and maps

-Many maps, and even a new map pack assembled from existing maps containing 225 maps (65 bot supported). 

-Very useful scripts like PilotModeIII, uberFaves, zCenteredCC, DioPackHUD, cleanDSO, rearview, uberZoom, and so on.

-All the mods are preconfigured to start in 720p with 105 FOV (120 in TP driving), increased driving sensitivity, max graphics settings, and a 63 bot count slider (in most mods). 

-Dozens of .bat files to launch every mod easily, offline and online, that also clean junk files left by mods.

-Lastly, it includes a giant voice pack, optional multiplayer patches, and HD textures.

After installing, just enter any of the newly created .bat shortcuts in the game folder to play. If you wish to see the full list of content, view the READ_THIS file.

That's it. Have fun!


  1. It's STRONGLY recommended to install this over a clean installation of Tribes 2!!!
  2. This Content Pack does not include a Tribes 2 installation, you must download it yourself.

Full list of what this contains HERE.

Setup file download, select your Tribes 2 directory and what files you want to install.

Link 1

Link 2

Manual installation .rar file. You have to un-rar the contents into your Tribes 2 directory yourself:

Link 1

Link 2

Current version is 1.1. Future versions will include more content and tweaks. Suggestions are welcome.


  • Version 1.1 is released and all the links have been updated.

    Changelog for v1.1 (13 February 2023)

    -When the 'Enable Bots' button is ticked, all the unsupported bot maps will now be completely hidden instead of visible but greyed out

    -Disabled some maps from being played with bots because they did not have proper bot support

    -Rearranged some maps and removed duplicates so that they don't appear multiple times in the mission list

    -Added brief descriptions for some mods at the end of the 'READ_THIS' file

  • Roboto, I just did a Microsoft Defender scan on Windows 10. I had downloaded your Content Pack version 1.1 earlier. Defender warned me about a file. Apparently, the file is at Tribes_2_Content_Pack_v1.1_manual_install.rar->Tribes 2 Install Folder\GameData\revmod2\zzz_RevMod2_client_beta6.vl2->INSTALLATION_GUIDE.TXT. A text file, I guess. Do you know if I should be alarmed, or is it a false positive? I did an Internet search and found out that that may be a trojan.

  • edited March 9

    I just uploaded both zzz_RevMod2_client_beta6.vl2 and INSTALLATION_GUIDE.TXT (from that .vl2 file) to VirusTotal, and there are 0 detections out of about 60 anti-virus scanners. Furthermore, I opened up INSTALLATION_GUIDE.TXT myself. It's just a text 2.1 kB plain text document with nothing harmful in it.

    I think it's definitely a false positive, probably Microsoft Defender thinks something in the .txt file could be turned into a virus, but I personally can't see what. Here are the links to the virus total scans (you can check the hash of those two files yourself, to verify that they are indeed the same exact files):

    By the way, I intend to make a 1.2 update for the Content Pack, which aims to fix some conflicting scripts in the pack that makes ClassicBots (just the Content Pack version) experience a dedicated server infinite map restart bug. Also, I want to add more maps to the mod/pack, as well as other small tweaks. I also want to add the older TribesNext patch, too, which works on Linux. But, I'm currently pretty busy and I didn't spend a lot of my free time working on this recently, so it's going to take a while.

    Anyway, thank you for downloading it and for alerting me about this! I hope my post clarifies the situation. I'm 99.999% sure it's a nothing burger, anti virus scanners are known to be trigger-happy.

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