Good encoding options?

I'm on a quest to find some good encoding options, specifically for YouTube/Personal use. I record in HD 720p as seen here:

But the quality seems lacking. Are there any recommended codecs or settings I should use? I'm relatively new to video encoding as a whole.

Settings: H.264 @ 2544kbps 30fps, AAC 2 channel 192kbps 44khz


  • Now, why would I want to go backwards in encoding formats?
  • It doesn't matter that much what you use for encoding yourself if your final plan is to upload it to places like youtube, as they will regardlessly shit all over your quality video with it's compression/conversion to .flv format.
    AFAIK 'best quality' can be obtained by encoding directly into FLV yourself, and making sure your settings are within whatever the maximum youtube specs are, as unless they've changed things this will stop your video from being re-encoded by their service as it already is in an appropriate format.

    Not sure if this applies anymore though, as the newest flash video format is h264 based. I'd wager if you can figure out the profile level and max bitrate settings that youtube uses you might be able to get your file up there without re-encoding even if the container is a different format. Well, one could hope.

    Disregard all that, after some quick googling there appears to be no way to bypass the youtube re-encoding process anymore. You're SOL, other than using some other streaming service that offers higher quality(?) or just hosting the HQ video for download on a webserver yourself.
  • ;D Kudos hurrr, I love it!!! Well done 8)
  • YouTube supports both H.264 and VP9 though, and while that is a target platform, eventually I will be hosting these videos myself on my own site.

    My question though, is moreso aimed at bitrates and resolutions rather than destination platforms. I do appreciate the commentary however.
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