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We need to make a script that allows the Command Center to be displayed in a small window while we are in battle. I do not know if there are any out there but this idea just popped in my head when I thought about how inconvenient it is to pull out the CC and figure out where the heck you are on the map and anything around you. I have no clue on scripting from scratch and need someone else to do this. Please post if you think this is a good idea or if you may be able to help. I do not check my stuff very often as I as am at school from 5:55 am to 3:00 pm and usually have a ton of school work. I would hope people can make such a thing.

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  • Such a thing already exists, try searching Slingscripts (Kryand is hosting it now).
  • I'm sure I saw one on TribalOutpost as well
  • EngineersHUDv120
    Exept from script description:
    5. Version 1.20 adds a "MapHUD toggle" key to your settings/controls list. Set a key here to toggle the map HUD, which will display a miniature commander map in the upper left corner of your screen. Beware: this map will make your CPU and your video card work harder, resulting in a drop in your frames per second (fps). In addition, sometimes your player will disappear from the commander screen after you respawn. This is a problem in Tribes 2 and not Engineers' HUD. The same thing happens in your standard commander screen map.
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