Tired of it.

I am tired of all the trolls and stupid posts that just inflame other users. So I am doing some house cleaning. So all you trolls who contribute nothing to the community and just detract from it, be prepared to see that you can no longer log in or create a new account.

I am just sick of it and so is everyone else. Good bye to you and good riddance.


  • Sure you're not referring to all the squabbling going on at The-Construct? Except for a few flames here and there, this community is generally calm.
  • lol... TC.net is like a free for all, but it's fairly quiet here.
  • If you think this place is bad, you should check out the e-peens and flame WARS on the DarkFall Online forums . These forums are a pic-nic in comparison . The DarkFall Forums are a veritable sewer of flamers, e-peens, asshats, trolls and jerks . Its the new home of "hardcore pvprs", lol. From what I saw in beta it was the home of hardcore whiners and carebears.
  • I think this place is boring as fuck all. The nerd-offs are the only reason I come here to begin with. Nothing beats the the e-penis of a tribes nerd, and this place is modded just well enough that it's the only place you can find that e-penis in such uninhibited clarity. I don't see anything hurting the community on this board, I just see a bunch of idiotic self-degradation which - to me - is entertainment. I thought the whole blindkilla vs kryand thing was fucking great. Kry has a way of making piss matches really god damn entertaining. Don't take that away from me.

    I was just going to post a ban-me, but this is actually how I feel. Tribes nerds are a valuable and rare form of comedy.

    (then fire z missilez)
  • edited May 2009
    A bit late, lol. Most of the new players already left because of said trolls. In the end the Tribes 2 community didn't change much except the pub population size went up a bit and some old timers came back to competition, but it's still the same old.

    I don't think many people care about being banned from the forums. This community just isn't worth it.
  • Yes that's why all the new players left.

  • Nope, the player base pretty much stabilized, nowhere near when TN first came out.

    Of course, if Krash followed a certain person's suggestion the community population would explode. But meh, I don't play anymore.
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