Any MechWarrior/EarthSiege/StarSiege fans here?

I'm considering a project for a serverside Mech mod following (mainly) MechWarrior rules. I'm not sure how accurate I can be, probably about as much as Mechina was, but seeing as I've worked on that project, I've been thinking of making one that doesn't require a client. Would there be any interest in playing one, or anyone who has a good amount of knowledge of these universes?


  • Serverside eh? I wish you luck, that isn't going to be easy. If it ever comes out I'll be there.

    Meltdown, TSW, Ascension, and now this. Tell me Keen, do you ever sleep?
  • I listen to DIVINYL'S "I Touch Myself" while looking at Battletech schematics.

    Yes I like MW/BT.

    And I used to play the Earthsiege from time to time with my brothers when I was younger... never liked Starsiege that much.
  • I can tell you that keen never sleeps. I know because he'll randomly pop into late night/early morning conversations in addition to talking through the day.

    Of course, I can't tell you what he says, because even if it wasn't under NDA, it usually isn't appropriate for polite public conversations. =P
  • You obviously have no trouble modding t2 so I'm sure you you can make a serverside mech mod easily enough, but it is still gonna be time consuming and in the end everyone will still stick with classic :-\. At this point in the games life cycle I think modding is a waste of time unless of course its done purely for the enjoyment of the coder himself.
  • A little of both. I have some Mech-style code laying around from other projects and I enjoy mech combat from time to time, just curious if anyone else shared that.
  • I liked Mechwarrior 4 because it offered multiplayer, but otherwise it clearly was the worst game in the series, especially how they nerfed the physics/handling of the mechs.

    I think what's really curical for mech games is that you really need to have the player feel the MASS of what they're running around in in how the vehicle handles. Doesn't mean everything has to be slow and trudgy, just making sure that the player doesn't forget that he has a 20-100 ton iron monster under his seat instead of a sportscar.

    But yea, yay for mech in general but I can't help to think it'd feel terribly wierd with the Tribes physics :p.
  • Go for it, i'd love to see Mechs in T2.
    Favorite Mech of all time. The Daishi.
    And The Hauptmann.
  • Thor.jpg

    mechwarrior 2 was a fine game
  • The Daishi.
    Inferior innerworld scum detected. Proceeding with elimination.
  • This is turning out promising I see. Though, if I were to do this... or get a team together for it, I can't exactly make a 1:1 copy, which thanks to the limitations of T2 and copyrights.
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    mechwarrior 2 was a fine game

    I was never that much into mech games, but Mechwarrior 2 and 3 were definitely awesome. There was something about the mechs in that game, the way they moved and jetted forth in the air. Very realistic.

    Another mech like game that was a blast but for some different reason was Shogo: Mobile Armor Division. Anyone remember that game? Some of the weapons in that game were crazy fun and I liked that there was the mech aspect, but that a player could exit out of his mech as well.
  • Yah MechWarrior II and III were the best. #4 was a arcade game, wasnt that much fun.

    StarSiege was diffrent and good but I only finished half of it, never got past promithyis. I think I had to change the weapons layout with emps. dont know.
  • or anyone who has a good amount of knowledge of these universes?
    I attempted a mechwarrior mod for tribes2 some time ago, i managed to do a Puma player model in one week, which is pretty slow considering i'd have to do another 60 mech models... :( I just didnt have the time.
    I made a custom gametype for it, based on soleris. Basiccaly Deathmatch, but renamed to Soleris.

    I could be able to help you with this mod.
    Yah MechWarrior II and III were the best. #4 was a arcade game, wasnt that much fun.
    what he said^
  • I have played Mechwarrior 2, 3 and all the installments of 4 (Vengeance, Black Knight and Mercenaries.

    2 had the best storyline(s), 3 was the most challenging and 4 was the most flexible, though it felt kinda dumbed down (particulary mercs).

    My favourite mechs aesthetically were always the Madcat and Thor. In terms of firepower performance I dont think any of the assaults/heavys stand out from each other much, Id pretty much use anything, apart from that faggot Nova Cat, that one's got some serious design flaws.
  • Have you decided if you're going to do it?
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    By the amount of comments, I think so. I'll have to change a few details so I don't collide with any specific Mech universe, and some things I won't be able to do (speed-based turning for instance) but it's a challenge I think I'll take on, seeing as I have half the code done for it already.

    It will have anywhere between 3 and 5 Mechs. Speed and energy capacity (but not recharge rate) would remain mostly static, but just like actual Mechs you'll accelerate and decelerate, as well as custom fit it to how you see fit. It will have support for firegroups for energy/ammo management, but will also feature the usage of player armors unmodified. While I don't see players taking down Mechs, I won't close off the opportunity to either.

    I'm pretty sure though that defender with his "Mechernauts, now ripping off Havoc2" may try to add in features like this however.
  • Im looking forward to it.
  • Looking forward to seeing this :o I've played each MW and agree how MW4 turned them into slightly slower versions of ACs. All this Mech talk brings me back to Heavy Gear, mechs that could deploy wheels for fast movement just made sense to me. And you knew you where in a large lumbering machine when you tried to make a fast stop. Mech skates!
  • I prefer Armored Core over MechWarrior games. Unlike the mechs in MW in Armored Core you can move fast as hell and your extremely mobile. You have lots more editing and building too.
  • Anyone know any good (listing numerical data on weapon strengths, heat, ammo, etc) resource sites with information on any or all of:
    [#] Mechwarrior 2, 3, 4
    [#] Metaltech: Earthsiege, Earthsiege 2
    [#] Starsiege
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    Mech Warrior : Inner Sphere Classified Files: Brief Weapons Overview

    + EarthSiege : A guys personal site with weapon stats
  • Well, for all looking for updates to the mod, it's now in it's own thread and a beta DL is posted here:
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