Hosting a server

Hey, can someone help me with hosting a server using the Next online connection? I have been trying to host connecting with the T2 on a 2nd pc of mine and now using the online setup. I can see the server on my game play pc but don't know if anyone else sees it. I don't have it on all the time but the name is "##{dggs} Version 2", I.P. with 12 bots and is the full Version2 game/ version2 runs much faster than base.


  • If the IP is 192.160... then, nobody else can see it most likely. You need to forward a port on your router and tell Tribes 2 to host on that port.
  • 192.168....... is the IP which your router has leased to the other machine. That is not your IP address.

    Easiest way for you is to google 'what's my IP'.
  • I think i've seen the server online a few times these past few days..
  • It's visible, I saw it last night in the server list.
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