New In-Game IRC Client



  • okay, using:

    and modifying the auto join channels,

    think got it working now, going to restart one more time, to make sure lastgasp and tribesnext loads... as it queries all quakenet irc and they show up in the list....and was able to join just now and say hi to thyth and Krash ...without UE, as was telling myself, this is the last time, going to try and connect, and bingo baby, as think got 10 UE's in a row trying various irc format addresses

    I am using the version from github, though if anyone would like to update this or if Turk, wants to chime in and do, either way...will post the file here if anyone wants, pm me
  • everything seems to be working with one exception.

    Auto join channels are not auto joining and I modified the irc fix.cs to this and still no go:
    switch$ ( $IRCClient::channelNames[%i] ) {
                   case "#TribesNext" or "#lastgasp":    %temp = 1;
                   default: %temp = 0;

    Also wondering about adding a discord into browser and embedding into chat window in game, where player can chat in discord easily, without having to leave game, like justIRC, i think did.

    Anyone interesting discord in game overlay option and/or in browser having a tab for discord, as this may not really be so needed, in browser, though could see it being nice to have in game...anyone have discord in game?

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