Tribes Next patch in zip format????

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I need to FTP just the patched files to my new server.. can I get a list of the patched files so I can copy them from my game to my server?


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    Taken from the output of the installer..

    Output folder: C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData
    Patching console_start.cs.
    console_start.cs.bak already found, backup skipped.
    Tribes2.exe.bak already found, backup skipped.
    Extract: jpatch-w32.exe
    Extract: patch.bdiff
    Patching Tribes2.exe.
    Delete file: jpatch-w32.exe
    Delete file: patch.bdiff
    Installing everything else.
    Extract: SierraUp.exe
    Extract: rubyintersect.dll
    Extract: t2dll.dll
    Extract: msvcrt-ruby18.dll
    Extract: t2csri_eula.txt
    Output folder: C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\base
    Extract: T2csri.vl2
    Created uninstaller: C:\Dynamix\Tribes2\GameData\TN_Uninstall.exe
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    Some of it needs to be executed in order to patch. I don't think an FTP server will allow you to extract an exe and run it.

    UPDATE :: If you're hosting off of Branzone or a Tribes 2 hosting service, ask them if they support the TribesNext patch. If they do, ask them to install it for you.
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