Update to Triumph

I dont know how many of you are familiar with my mod(Triumph) but there has been some activity on our server lately. I just wanted to let people know that P!nkP?nther and I have updated the mod for possibly the last time barring any unknown bugs or problems. This is not a mod designed for competition so please dont tell me that the gun that shoots 8 mortars at once is OP we get that, its kind of the point. That being said the mod is as balanced as it can be with so many additional things to play around with. IMO there is no room left in the t2 community for competitive style base mods ala classic, so we just made something we thought would be fun.

It is a user friendly mod and will not require a quick read through of a 100 page technical manual to jump into. The weapon bottomprints should give you a good idea of what a particular gun is good for and the packs that need explanation should have a centerprint appear on mount.

The AI has been tuned very carefully to use the mod specific guns smartly and will deploy assets in proper locations. This is due to P!nkP?nthers' exhaustive tailoring of over 300 maps. All of which are serverside and updated to work flawlessly with Triumphs' AI. He has had a linux box running the maps and the mod from europe since 2003 and just recently figured out a way to get it working with the tribes next patch. Come check it out.

Current triumph version 2.3 can be found at http://www.freewebs.com/triumph_mod as well as a link to the map library.


  • I dont like this mod... But itss verry nice that ssomeone iss worrking on T2ss. :]
  • I dont like this mod... But itss verry nice that ssomeone iss worrking on T2ss. :]

    Itss not for everybody I guesss, but thankss for checking it out. ;)

    robertom2002 I'm glad you had fun with it hope to see you in game sometime.
  • some of the weapons are fun to toy around with, the mod has a bunch of good ideas and i jump into the server every once in a while to mess around (also cause the server is located in my country). playing against bots just gets boring after 5 mins though.

    its missing a grappling hook, not a T:V one but just a targeting laser with which you can pull yourself around, i found a script for one but never got it to work on a server.
  • The only grappling guns I have seen modded into T2 were not much fun to use, for me anyway, so I never bothered with that. As much of an abomination as TV was and I guess still is, I think the grappling gun was okay and worked more like a grappling gun should. The T2 versions seemed more of a tractor beam than anything else, I never saw one that gave the user a feeling of being tethered to a cable.

    The bots arent going to give you that feeling of accomplishment that human opponents do. But they are fierce and more capable than any other AI I have seen in this game, thanks to P!nkP?nther and Laggalots' work. These bots will put up a good fight but in the end more people stopping by the server would make that irrelevant.
  • I'm sure his grappler probably works well, I have a lot of respect for LT. Earthworm he helped me out a ton about 5 years ago. But bringing a TV feel to T2 is not something I have much interest in.
  • Actually with the laser rifle in T2 it would be fun sniping grapplers out of the air. That was near impossible shooting blanks in TV.
  • Or a laser that gtabs things and brings them close to you ,i would like to see that ,so much fun lol.

    Also FastEd told me about Triumph he also created instagib mod ,too bad verry few people play mods
    But i play arena much more than ctf ...

    that would be good.

    slinging a player back towards you for a nice shocklance to the face :P
  • It's quite a fun mod. Fun to play offline and with a few people but I don't think it goes well for full servers like goon haven, laggs and widow makers everywhere. On the subject of the maps, some maps are over 1000 metres away. That is crazy considering bots aren't very good at going that distance. If I was P?inkpanther I would only include cluster maps and maps up to 900-1000 metres, as a max. Ideally under 800-900.

    Also the TM seems way overpowered. Place all the turrets avaliable around the flag and boom, no bot can get past the flag defence to even touch the flag. I would like to see some bots play roles similar to "LD" firing discs at the turrets to destroy them or far away motar spamming or to remove the amount of turrets altogether.

    Also on the flag, not only HoF should be on there, but place around 3 LDs around it, make multiple objectives of getting the flag, more flag chasers means more fun.

    Otherwise, the AI is fantastic and is playable, unlike the original Dynamix bots. However, I would like to see siege Triumph as well as bots riding vehicles smartly, definately on the maps that are like 1000m+ apart.
  • I agree the mod would not support a 64 man server very well, I think 10 v 10 is about all you would need. But there are barely 64 people total playing the game anymore so that is not something that should be a concern.

    As for your other points I like smaller maps, big gigantic ones have never been a favorite of mine. On P!nks server my favorite maps are Gas Mask #1 and then a bunch tied for #2 like Construction Yard, Polaris, and Logans Run.

    I think the bots are pretty good as is, yes we would like them to behave like a living breathing thing but it just isnt possible to capture that.
  • I enjoyed the mod, where can I get the maps with it?

  • I made a pack of tribes 2 stuff here years ago, it contains all the triumph maps as well:

    The pack is a bit old now and needs some reorganizing, too. I have an updated version of this that I will update in a month or two. But get it if you want the Triumph maps, they're there.

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