Tribes/Starsiege setting material?

Various information about Tribes
Courtesy of The Junkyard.

These files for the History, Technology, Military ranks, and history of the firetruce has been available for years (at least since i had begun playing \tribes 2, probably released when tribes was released, though I'm unable to verify that). I've been unable to find the fiction posted on tribes2's official site (that had been killed and had, last time I checked, served as a redirect to tribes vengeance's page).

I want to know the following:

Is there any quasi-officially released material released that's still around to be distributed?

If a wiki were created to house all of this would anyone particularly care one way or another?


  • You could try working the information into
    Right now it's mostly only tactical information, but Tribes lore is welcome there as well. I think the best solution would be creating a "Lore:" namespace to house all the lore info.
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    The old tribes 2 website had a good bit of the story leading up to t2 but I think it's been taken down. This should help though:
  • Ahh thank you Internet, Wayback machine, and obscure fans for not dissapointing me.

    Prophecy of Tears

    This story is noteworthy, not only for being detailed concerning tribal Lore and to better round out the Bioderms as a viable threat rather than bull headed space orcs, but it follows something of a nonlinear path. At least it ends up having lots of little branches you can follow to get information along the way depending on where you click.
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