My Skin

Its not much, and so far all I have is the assault armor done (due to it being \the one I use more than others), but here's pictures of my latest skin.



  • nice!

    what size is your sin? it looks really nice and smooth.
  • I went with the 512x512 skin size for reasons of clarity. Debating on a look for the light and heavy armors, and falling somewhat short because I'm unsure how to approach the situation.

    I realize it is far from the most effeciant way, but I generally skin by getting the gross elements in place via chopping things apart in paint and doing any blending or color matching in gimp (s'how i managed to match up the blood eagle face mask, visor and the 'briefs' (since i couldn't use the blood eagle belt). Even so it took a little doing to get each piece colored correctly and getting the indavidual elements to splice right. Hardest part was getting the 'snow' on the helmet done correctly due to the number of colors, and having to paint over the star design.

    Yes the calf jets are a combination of blood eagle and robot. I make no apoogies, nor do I claim my skin is anything other than a mashup. I simply haven't the artistic skills to do a wholey original one. I just take what's there and try making it work in a hopefully interesting way.

    Oh and yes i know the alpha layer is screwy... ideas on how best to fix that?
  • not a clue, i don't usually use alpha layers.
  • just make a new alpha, or leave the alpha altogether.

    thats the skin I made for my tribe, no alpha but it still looks good.

    Yes, I did make medium and light aswell.
    • screen101 (5).png
  • If you don't have the alpha layer on the skin it might not show up right all the time. I got a skin called N00b from the construct downloads and sometime it would show up sometimes It would come up a different color of chrome then I went into photoshop and added the alpha layer now I don't get the chrome colors anymore.
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