Server not seen?

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When I try to host a dedicated/pure server game I get this error message on screen and I have no Idea how to do this, Im using a spare computer in an attempt to host games
"Sent heartbeat to TN Master. "
"server could not be contacted."
"check your IP / port configuration."


  • Check your port configuration.

    Particularly, forward/map a port to your computer.
  • ports in router likely need opened

    open port 28000 in the router for the server/ip that hosts the game, udp protocol, in and outbound

    or just place the server by name or ip in a dmz, if the router has a dmz
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    I opened up the DMZ for the Server PC but still can't see the server. I get "Server added to list" now. Could the reason be that both the Server PC and the game PC are using the same Router/modem?
    OOPS just checked on the TribesNext list and the server is there? go figure so the problem is my Game Play PC doesn't see it andy Ideas? :o ### Fast Action is the server name.
    Guess what now it's gone from list??
    Ok just tried it again and it was on the Next list here but not on the game list?? IP =
  • Hit insert next time you fire up the game and are at the servers screen, and enter the ip address of your server, or whatever it is. You may also have to add the port, making it or whatever the ip and port is.
    Save that as a fave. It also helps to reboot a router every once in a while.
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