How to host a Construction Server.

I've read other guide type things trying to figure this out, but I need a guide that people who don't know much about this kind of stuff could easily understand. I'm just not having much luck figuring this out!


  • Hosting a construction server is pretty much like hosting a regular server. You just have to configure additional stuff depending on which version your hosting.
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    do a search at
    its a forum dedicated to construction and all things godly

    Has a basic explanation on how to do it.
  • If you are planning on runnng a TWM or a TWM2 Server, I have placed instructions in my section of the TC Forums:

    following those steps will give you dev (Admin/sa/more) in a TWM/TWM2 Server.

    For regular construction. Its a little more tricky. but more or less, the goal is to assign your GUID as the SA of the server. when you join your server, type listPlayers(); that will list all the current players in the server. find your client number and then set it as superadmin with this:

    Client#.isAdmin = 1;
    Client#.isSuperAdmin = 1;

    then right click your name in the lobby and add yourself to the Super Admin List.

    most mods have instructions on how to set it up, just look in the readme, or where you got the mod from.
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