AI Task Functions

Can anyone explain to me some of the AI specific functions? I have a basic understanding, Assume (To engage in the task?), Monitor (To keep on task?), Weight (See which task is most importat?) ...

Thanks in advance.


  • What are you wanting to do? I've been adding the ability to deploy motion sensors to the AI objectives, along with other things....
  • ThythThyth Apotheosis Incarnate
    AI in most games (including T2) are finite state machines of sorts. If you look at it from the perspective of deterministic finite automata, those AI functions should make a lot more sense.
  • Are you trying to confuse us?
  • Are you trying to confuse us?

    he excels at that.
  • So, correct me if I'm wrong. State 1 will produce an output with its function, depending on that it will either recycle through state 1, or go to state 2? That does make sense, although, while that is helpful, I wanted to know whether or not my previous descriptions for the functions were correct. That Assume engages the AI to the task, Monitor continues the task, and weight determines the next task, not necessarily in that order. Still, that explanation did help quite a bit in understanding it.
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