WHat are directives for?

I was poking around in tribal preferences and I saw the box that allows you to color code specific items. Reserved words, global and local vars, but I saw the directive, and was wonder what it is used for. Its the # symbol. I've looked online and wasn't really able to find anything specifically related to the t2 directives. Anyone know?


  • my best guess: the creator has that in their if you wanted to use the program for coding other things then T2 .cs files... (# sign is used in C/C++ for include files and defining pre-processor variables)

    I wonder if T2 has a pre-processor... anyone know if this is true?
  • Tribes2 does not support the # directive.
    However, the crew that wrote support.vl2 added a preprocessor of sorts that does read through the scripts and handle certain commented # directives, as an interface with certain aspects of support.vl2 and other scripts.

    Snippet from HalDeployer:
    // #autoload
    // #name = HalDeployer
    // #version = 1.7
    // #date = April 9, 2002
    // #author = Halide
    // #warrior = Halide
    // #email = halide@popmail.com
    // #web = http://halides.tribes-univese.com/
    // #description = Shows green/red indicator over reticle when you have a deployable, which lets you know if you can deploy at that location.
    // #credit = PanamaJack - answered some questions
    // #category = Halide's Scripts
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