All T2 players

Anyone make beats? Or just happen to write music? I have an idea that JT is helping me on and I'd like another beat maker or someone good with making music and song writer. Whether its a hobby or a living, I don't care. Well hit me up if your interested.

or #topdawgz in mIRC


  • I'm pretty good at remixing music tracks, I'll post a link to one of one of the tracks I made. (It's a mix of the music from Gears of War and Call of Duty 4) I'll be honest when I say I put minimal effort into it, it really could be much better.

    ACCM Warrior.mp3
  • what kind of theme you lookin for?
  • Im not looking for a theme I kind of want to make a mixtape/album for tribes 2. Help bring people to it and I think people would enjoy it who play.
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