Linux - Wine - DSO remover / deleter / killer

In case there's ever a need for a linux dso remover, I got a script working based on this post:;wap2

Particularly ScratchMonkey's code for removing dso's.

Here's the script. Copy the code into a text file; Make the text file executable; PUT IT IN YOUR GAMEDATA FOLDER/DIRECTORY:

find ./base -name \*.dso -exec /bin/rm {} \+

exit 0


  • Also,


    find . -name *.dso | xargs rm
  • Now if we could get the wine sound working properly in Ubuntu 9.10. Hopefully it's not just me with these issues and the new Ubuntu + wine sound changes get fixed sooner rather than later.
  • Yeah that works too, just it still should be in the same directory or any mods will be deleted, of course.

    Hmmm... well, I use Slackware, and I have no sound problems, but you should set sound in wine to ALSA, if it's not already. Other than that, I think the only problem might be in the new version of Ubuntu itself.
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