Tribes Animated GUI files = hell

I'm trying to make a new animated tribes 2 gui system but everytime i edit them they don'wish to cooperate or they crash tribes 2 how can i fix this.......?

I'm using adobe photoshop CS 8.0

Prototype system


  • by not trying to animate the gui of tribes 2

  • No the main window of Tribes 2 all those buttons work from PNG files i want to be able to make my own........
  • They aren't "animated" though, Tribes2 uses a special scheme to create the various looks of GUI elements.

    GUI Button:


    Copy the files (GameData/base/textures.vl2/textures/gui), perform basic alterations to them, and you can create your own customized GUI theme.
  • Can i mae advanced alterationals at all? or do they have to stay basic
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