Training mission audio looping

Training mission audio is looping after applying the RC2a patch. I've reinstalled Tribes 2 to a fresh directory and the Training missions play just fine. Then, after the RC2a patch, again the Training audio will loop during the mission.

I've taken the time to look into why, but my experience is limited. I'm guessing that the looping is caused by a function called removeFromQueue() inside SinglePlayerGame.cs is being overrode by something from the RC2a patch. I guessed this because the problem goes away after executing SinglePlayerGame.cs during the Training missions.

I've writen a tiny autoexec script to re-execute the SinglePlayerGame.cs whenever Training mission has loaded. But I'm afraid that might interfere with other processes needed by the RC2a patch.

Could you help me verify that this is in fact a legitimate issue and not just some freak thing on just my own machine? Thanks for all of your efforts bringing TribesNext to reality and for taking the time with this post.


  • Sounds like a new bug. Reexecuting SinglePlayerGame.cs shouldn't cause any problems.

    I'll investigate.
  • The audio briefings for training missions became broken during one of Dynamix's patches. I'm not sure it even works properly under the latest Dynamix version even if TribesNext isn't installed.
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    Open the console and type listpackages(); and look for UEfix

    If you're having trouble with the mission briefings playing out too fast, check if you have UEfix.cs and if you do disable it. The Training briefings and Training missions make use of alxGetWaveLen() and UEfix overrides it in a way that it no longer returns the correct wave file length, causing sequential wav files to playback too soon.

    That came from my experiments with the last T2 Community Patch version 80104 which included UEfix.cs.

    I wrote my own update for it.
  • and here i thought the uefix was for tanks!
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    Sorry for the necro-post. I thought back to this topic and remembered that I had work around for it. Then thought it might be useful for others if for nothing else than example script. So I decided to clean it up and attach it here. Enjoy.

    Drop training_audio_fix.cs in to your base\scripts\autoexec directory before launching Tribes 2 to load the script.

    File attachment was replaced on April 03, 2011 to correct a bug. If you downloaded before that date, please redownload a fresh copy.
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