Anyway to change the fall back base path?

echo(getModPaths()); will give me MyModImRunning;base;

Is there anyway to change it so that instead of base, my mod uses something else that it gets its default scripts from?
Also, if I do setModPaths("MyMod;MyOtherMod"); which gives me MyMod;MyOtherMod;base, does that mean it falls back to the second to find script defaults before it checks base, cause an error, or does it just search for a folder called MyMod;MyOtherMod?

I don't know how much that made sense, bt feel free to say that it didn't, and possibly answer the questions :P.


  • Yes, the setModPaths("MyMod;MyOtherMod") will check the MyMod folder first, fall back to MyOtherMod if the resource isn't found, and finally base if it isn't found in the MyOtherMod folder.
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