Searching for experienced flag caper for twl team

Hi guys, If you don't know already my old team, The | Names have rejoined the TWL ctf ladder. We have most of our old players and a couple new players as well. We play to win but its mostly just for friendly competition and nothing more. We have our very own Teamspeak 3 server, and very soon, about to get our own dedicated tribes 2 server. Right now we really need a flag caper that has some experience with TWL matches. so if anyone is interested please email me here in TN, and let me know. thanks

ps - this is a flame-proof thread so keep it to topic only please. ty all.


  • EDIT: let me also add that we are looking for a few more positions such as HO, MF, as well as FC
  • I think you'll find that all the "experienced cappers" are all already on the rosters of various teams.

    I hope you can haul up enough players to actually field a team, I'm kind of feeling all these splinter teams are starting to hurt more than help keep the ladder going.

    Either way, good luck, you're going to need it.
  • not sure what splinter team means but its certainly not hurting the ladder. and like i said, right now we mainly need a FC and were good to go.
  • We have all those positions on Soapy :). Good to see you guys back though!
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