Not seeing the server list? Possible Solution Here

Step 1.) Make sure your firewall isn't blocking Tribes 2.
-If your firewall is not blocking tribes 2, and you can not see the server list continue to step 2.

Step 2.) By-pass your router and connect directly to your internet line. This is to make sure your router isn't playing tricks on you.
-If you did BOTH above steps and still no list, continue to step 3.

Step 3.) There is a good chance you have some sort of anti-virus protection software. You need to go into the options and disable HTTP checking. (Or disable it all together)
-If you STILL can't see the list, then let me know by sending me a PM.


  • Those diagnostic steps can help deduce the type of issue, and possibly what component (firewall/router/AV) to modify. On the antivirus, it is unlikely to be a web scanner portion, but rather network protection modules (avast has one, as does Norton Internet Security, and others), or network security components, like statefull firewalls. Users of Ghostwall, McAfee personal firewall, Norton Internet Security, Ghostwall, Cisco Pix , or many other software/hardware components that monitor outbound as well as inbound traffic may wish to disable outbound traffic analysis.

    If you understand how to use outbound traffic analysis, then you should also be aware of how to open ports and applications up for outbound requests.

    I maintain now, as I have for years, that statefull firewalls belong in the average user's home PC just like an actual Indy car belongs in my driveway. Both don't fit the environment.

    If you are not retrieving a global list, then the server is down, or you have software/hardware (unlikely) blocking your apps like t2 from requesting data from remote servers on ports other than 80. The odd thing is that typically these programs will ask if you want to allow the activity.

    Vista's firewall can be configured to block outbound, but is not needed if you have a firewall enable router. If a trojan or similar has hijacked your PC, and is trying to connect with resources on the internet, you are extremely unlikely to know, unless trained to do so.

    My point? unless you are getting pop ups for programs to access the internt, chances are that you do not have anything blocking outbound traffic. If you start disabling your firewall(s), and disabling your antivirus, then go on and take it to the limit, and get naked, tape a sign to your backside that reads "Give it a little 'tappy tappy'", while in the appropriate location to receive a lil' tappy tappy.

    In other words: Test your equipment and software, but never keep it disabled. I have. It still hurts.
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