Tribes2 not working on Windows 7...

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Saturday: I just installed Windows 7 on my comp. I installed Tribes2 to the defaut directory, patched it, deleted the dso files, added the IRC client and I keep getting the same message that the tribes.exe cannot be found and asks if I want to delete the shortcut. I also tried the T2 first aid but my drive will not read the T2 disk (seperate problem) to repair the installation. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks.

Windows 7 Home Premium on an Acer Aspire 4520, AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor TK-55 ~1.80GHz, nVidia GeForce 7000M/nForce 610M graphics, 1.00 GB RAM, and DirectX 11

Sunday: Maybe it's an install problem. Although I installed T2, the Add/Remove programs say it has already been uninstalled. Also, would I still use open GL or not? Or would that even be an issue??


  • I would suggest reinstalling Tribes2 (use the torrent if you don't have a disc or the installer around).

    You will probably want to download your graphics drivers from the nvidia website since WIndows 7 has been known to install graphics drivers that don't include OpenGL support.
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    OK, I tried another install with a new file and it seems that when I install the multiplayer patch, I get the error message that the Tribes.exe can't be found. So I tried a different patch file. Same thing happened. Without the multiplayer patch the game plays fine in Solo/Lan. I don't understand how the multiplayer patch is removing the game. No info I've seen in support FAQ. I've had a few OS crashes as well from the game starting on its own then shutting off followed by the crash. Still working on it..

    I've installed the graphics drivers from nVidia also(thx btw).
  • well back in the day i made a zip of tribes2. i always put it on my fastest drive and at times i have had to format reinstall windows. tribes 2 would be on that drive, all i did was install the patch. create a new account and am off and running in win7 with a Ati 4850/i7 920@3.4ghz.
  • Use

    This installer is the only installer that is not "corrupt".
  • Have you verified all of the other installers against the MD5s I've provided? I've downloaded from several of the mirrors recently and found them to be correct.

    In any case, the torrent is the best choice, as the bit torrent protocol hashes the blocks and files as part of the download process.
  • Well, I have tried everything. Still plays well in Solo/Lan mode, but when the patch is installed my game still says it is uninstalled(the files are still there). Compatibility mode is under XP SP2. I have never had problems w/ T2 before, no matter the OS. I want to say thanks to everyone that assisted me. I'm not giving up just yet tho. I feel I have overlooked something. All in time my T2 brothers, all in time. Thx again. Hopefully see you soon online.

    Much Appreciated,
  • I DID IT! Hahaha, I am back online. I had to find this support file for it to work..
  • Enlighten us with the exact steps you used to fix the issue.
  • Enlighten us with the exact steps you used to fix the issue.


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