Issue: Deployable Inventory Station Markers not showing


I just setup a Tribes2 server and installed the latest Classic MOD, as well as Evolution Admin 1.2.3c.

We were doing some testing of the server today, and noticed that the 'beacon' markers for the deployable inventory stations were not showing.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? How might I go about fixing this?

Thank you.


  • So I managed to resolve this. The issue was with a script that I got here for deleting .dso files. It was just deleting the dso files from the base directory and not the classic.

    find ~/.wine/drive_c/Dynamix/Tribes2/GameData/base -name \*.dso -execdir /bin/rm {} \+

    find ~/.wine/drive_c/Dynamix/Tribes2/GameData -name \*.dso -execdir /bin/rm {} \+
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