So a bunch of new guys want to play...

There are about 18 of us, all total, but the problem is that when we join other servers we deal with a ton of strangers. We aren't opposed to that but the problem is that our favorite game type is arena, and the strangers who join are always a whole lot better that us. We have our own server, and we managed to get arena maps loaded, but I want to be able to have some of the features other servers have. I love how Goon Haven gives stats after a mission, how it makes a beep when you deal damage, etc. So how can we get our private server to be able to be able to host arena games on arena maps, while still being able to do our own CTF and also include those neat stats things?


  • Well that's pretty much a double negative there.

    The arena gametype will run off of maps flagged with the arena game type in it. As for getting arena set up, you will need to find the mod for it, and install it. If you properly install the mod, you should find no issues running that and CTF just fine on the server.

    As for stats, that's probably a side script the host implemented.
  • The stats are part of Evolution Admin Mod. The hit sound is part of classic mod.
  • Thanks for that eolk, was wondering which mods it was.
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