tv vs t2 o.O ?

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do not make flame please

I would like to ask, if sequel of T2 take the gameplay on higher or lower level. I did not play T:V, but it seems to me it has no adventage over T2 (even in graphics and design).

I'm trying to get more ppl play TN, but in every discussion I try to start there is cancer called T:V.

If You have any protips how to tell people that T2 maybe is not so much colorful, but it has more essence of Tribes, I'd be pleased.



  • About the only think I enjoyed from TV, was better graphics, and the grapple hook, other than that, the game lacked a easy way to mod it (like in Tw), and there are a very few game modes to play from.
  • TV is a lovely game, but since it is based on d3d and ut, it "failed". Now as to gameplay over graphics, people still play t1 every day, and it looks like a joke compared to the games of today. Some people, however, are not fooled by fancy graphics, they would rather have gameplay.
  • Tell them T:V is a single player game, and T2 is a multiplayer game. T:V's multiplayer is about as worth playing as T2's single player. You can also tell them that T:V was a flop and was so terrible that the community completely died in a matter of months.
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    Here's original discussion:

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    Soker92 from that discussion is posting a wall of text how awesome (leader of best clan in the universe omg) he is in TV, and how TV is awesome too, and how europe is awesome, and that the usa is learning from europe how to play TV. And he playing TV for 3 YEARS !!! OMG. He also post link:

    Also other guy tells that he instaled T2 and it's crap, but he played TV for 20 min and it's great - hate those retards.

    Use google translate for more info (polish/english). I do not have adventage being a vet, cause I played some T2 when it was already dead, then TN appears. When T2 was alive i just only know about this game, and play some LAN rabbit games.

    Thanks for giving me ideas what to post, gimme more :) As less offensive as they can be, to do not make a flame war. In next post I would try to propose TV players to play TN.

    I also add threads to our imageboards:

    You can bump them :), and add something from yourselves. Remember to keep anonymity :)

    Oh, can You give me ideas how to write a short note about tribes to bring some new players? Mostly when I'm about to annouce about tribes it is going to be wall of text - as we know that do not work. Now I post links to TN site, some YT vids, and write if somebody is iterested i can tell more.

  • Well if I was there, I'd talk about how that guy is full of shit and probably sucks at the game, and how his team would get destroyed by the first wave of US T:V teams like 5150 and Catch 22. Then I'd mention that the main reason he likes T:V is because it's geared towards people who suck at games, rather than towards people who actually have the capacity to succeed at a difficult game like T2. It's more his style. That's why he thought T2 sucked after 20 minutes, but thought T:V was great after 20 minutes. He doesn't like games that he can't play, and 20 minutes is all it takes to get the hang of T:V.

    But I guess you said you didn't want to start a flame war.
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