Piloting a Shrike and stuff

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I need some advides about:

1. How to pilot shrike - im suck at it, maybe cause ping (~250 ping).
2. Script that shows a little icon (near center of screen) if I'm in a enemy sensor range (not only when in vehicle). Would be great if icon or text notification can be configurable.
3. Piloting bomber in case of shrike(s) on tail.

Ad 1.
I usually cannot do a road kill when enemy is moving, also do a shocklance hit is a magic with this ping.


  • Thanks, but to be honest i knew it already :)

    One i must learn about shrikes is to accurate hit other vehicles (shrike AA gun is rather useless agains "infatry"), and practice road kills.

    If you can answer me, how ping affects use of vehicles, esspecialy shrike?
  • ping means that your input to the server (what you are doing with the shrike; flying, shooting, turning, ect) is delayed by exactly half your ping at the server

    wich means you need to be able to predict where your opponent is going to move and account for it, pretty much like everything else in the game
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