Default Menu Display Resolution

Does anyone know why this might default to really low res? It almost seems like 600x480 or something and I can't even see the menu bars to click them. I know you can change resolution in the settings menu and I did to match my monitor's max at 1680x1050 but I think this change may only apply to the actual gaming experience and not apply to the menu.

Like what happens is when I initially change, the menu does shrink and it's all visible but then it just seems to default.

Does alt-tabbing out of the game to browse this website ever do that? It's a hassle because sometimes the whole Explorer switches to that and have to go to Display Settings to see anything again.


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    I would set my desktop res to 800x600 and try setting the game up again. Then after I have set my game res I would go and set my desktop back to the natural res of the monitor if lcd. If crt this should make little difference. Also, this may help you in your t2 game experience:

    [code]// #autoload
    // #name = cleanDSO
    // #version = 1.0
    // #date = December 21, 2001
    // #author = Paul Tousignant
    // #warrior = UberGuy (FT)
    // #email =
    // #web =
    // #description = Remove all your *.dso files every time you exit T2.
    // #status = beta

    package noDso {

    function quit() {

    %cnt = 0;
    %tmpObj = new ScriptObject() {};
    for(%file = findFirstFile("*.dso"); %file !$= ""; %file = findNextFile("*.dso")) {
    %tmpObj.file[%cnt++] = %file;
    for (%i=0; %i
  • run Tribes 2 in windowed mode. No res change done to your monitor, just a window :) I always play like that.
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