To EU players

What happened to IQ servers? Who was hosting them? Bad to see melting EU activity. Would be nice to bring new players from EU if there would be hosted Classic EU server.


  • There hasn't been an active euro pub in YEARS

    That is to say, it's kinda late to get anything started. The players have moved on.
  • they left for wow and bf1942, those games killed off what was left of eurot2
  • I could try and setup a server in Germany, I've got a spare machine and a VDSL 25 connection with a decent ping. I wonder if this is enough and I also wonder if there ar some EU players still out there. ...who are NOT wasting their time with WoW...^^

    I would give it a try. What do you think?

    fab ::)
  • You can set it up but no one will join (even the other euros that still hang around) because THERE ARE NO PEOPLE.

    It's a chicken-egg syndrome; you can't get people into a server unless you already have people playing there, and the 5-10 euros that still play this game somewhat regularly isn't enough of an audience to sustain a pub.

    You're of course welcome to try, though.
  • try it, youve already got the system and bandwidth, if enough euros see a low ping server they may jump in and find a new home
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaand don't forget to join on QuakeNet where most european tribes gays hang out 'cause you never know.
  • Burrowing into irc makes eu forum (shazbot) looks dead - so nearly no one new from EU wanna join TN community when he finds this foum dead.
  • Just wanted to give a status update on my hobby project: A EU Tribes Server.
    I'm currently experimenting with the linux server version. There's already an ubunte VM running, now I'll see to get the server running.
    Future status updates coming... ;-)
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    Good intentions, but dont bother

    EU players lack something, the understanding of how a crowd reacts to something. They are above playing a ~6vs6 game in hope for it to get the attention of other players. Why settle for less, Ill only join for at least 10vs10
    And some other behaviors that kill any attempts of revival
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    Please. Also it would be nice to recive protips how to revival.
  • Yay!
    The server's up and running. You can find it on the list as "*EU* Corecentral". While it's just a plain katabatic only server at the moment I'm going to improve my admin skills and change it to classic or base with map rotation. I'm not sure yet if I should use tricon or not.
    What do you think, which mod to prefer? And what about bots? I've seen a couple of servers with bots - and only bots. Leave the server empty or populate it with 6 or 8 bots?

    I'm hosting LAN parties on a semi-regular basis and have about 50 people that are interested in gaming. I've sent a mail to check if some of them are interested in joining T2 (again). Maybe we've got other ways to find (new) players in EU?

  • Alright, join , quakenet
    At prime around 30 people should idle there
    Assume that there is a good server available as soon as there will be some sign of activity (which is actually true, easy thing to turn the servers back on)
    Just concentrate on getting us to play
    Aside from a single scrim out of nostalgia every year I would say you cant expect much
    Youre not the first one to try this. But there is a chance that you will be the last : p
    Dont waste any time on this. A person cant decide anymore if T2 lives here or not. Its some kind of event, like the turning off of the master servers back then. Get something as huge as that. And even then it would only last some weeks
    Man, we suck
  • Maybe I am - with my more-than-30-years - some kind of last man standing but whatever. Just wanted to try because I loved this game in the past. I remember full servers and a vital community like it was yesterday.
    Probably most of these guys are now full-time workers and have a family to feed. But hey - I also work full time, I'm a physician, an internist with my own office. And there's still enough energy left to give this game a couple of hours a week. Tribes will probably die - if it's not already dead - and I'm sad to see it dying because of younger gamers avoiding a challenge and instead of going for the quick but fading success of WoW.

    Maybe it's me getting older - but I miss games likes T2. Gaming is no more like it used to be. I guess it never will. The future is casual gaming, gaming where more than four keys to be pressed are too complicated. It's sad, isn't it?

    Well, I'll make my stand.
  • thats the spirit!
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    Maybe lets try to make pick-up game first?

    change server to classic mod, it should be more popular
    and do not add bots


    I've joined, but server is configured badly, got terrible (packet loss?).
  • I have tried to get us to play again the last time
    Dont remember exactly, but it went like this - first game there were ~15 people, fair enough
    Second game ~12 people signed up, not enough for some of them, so they didnt show up
    That experience sticks
    And we had this experience often enough

    I would love to get the Eu scene running again, I really would
    Tried to convince that classic would be the way to go (we were split into base and cluster). Its base, just faster. And its a compromise for cluster players too, or so I thought. I chose classic because of the possibility to get more new players that way, and because of merging the base/cluster camps
    Tried to convince that 6v6 was playable too - at first, ofc. If veterans and players in general see that a server has people playing, they join too. A concept most people never seemed to understand. And thus, it failed
    I probably tried to force it too much. Knowing the concept of how it _could_ work - pretty easily actually -, and seeing so much people not even putting any effort into it hurts

    Before chosing classic as the way to go I tried to start another tournament (we had one before) to get players fired up again
    It worked. At first. Even had a caster. Iirc we had one game. A captain of another team decided he would spend his time with Quake live (big general problem, players straying off to hyped games, coming back some weeks/months later and wondering why nobody is playing. Multiply that by I dont know how many players. Yay), the team thus falling into disarray. We didnt even really know until it was too late
    All in all I was too easy on picking the dates (captains decided). Dates never were ideal, every time some players were missing, and we couldnt really afford that
    The longer it lasted, the more players disappeared. The usual scrims every day also got less
    Theres just no way to hold our attention, if you are able to get it that is
    A single sign of activity and I jumped on it, some people even jokingly making fun of me because of that : p

    I think those would be things that would need to be done:

    Understanding for yourself that new and hyped games are basically all the same. Stray off for too long and T2 dies, simple as that. Personally I have no interest in all those mainstream games anymore, no new concepts, ideas, etc

    Accept that classic is the way to go. At least if you want to have any future T2 experience.
    Being stubborn about either base or cluster only hurts the playerbase. Joining together would have done soo much

    General understanding of how people react to activity - yeah, joining only when the mark gets above 15 players doesnt really help. Ever thought of you as a number? A number another person sees while watching through servers? A number that may get the mark to 15, and thus getting even more players to join? Derp

    Those are some of the main issues I think

    The most thats possible at this time is Lak/Arena

    Its really sad, I was one of the last people to accept T2s death here, but in my usually realistic eyes theres nothing we can do

    Nerd wall
  • 15 should make for an excellent game, for an example of how more players does not equal more fun look to goons
  • I still refuse to give up....

    Here is my suggestion what we should do:
    1. Find a week day and a time of day when atleast 6 players have time to game. Any less and we wouldnt endure it.
    2. Pick a server to play on. Rules Set: Classic. This must be done without whining about the ping.
    3. Play every week and keep posting about the games held, and how much we would like others to join.
    4. Now that a steady base has been formed we wait and wait and wait. If we'r lucky we get the group to become a bit bigger over time.

    *If we realy get only 6 players, the server can be any random one. If the group starts growing, a special server is needed to keep things organized and fun for all.
    *The server to play on should be confirmed every week before the game (in this thread or where ever we agree to "hang" the information)
    *All players new and old should be accepted to join, even if they screw-up alot.

    As for me:
    I would be able to play every wednesday or sunday at 18:00 UTC for 1h.

    PS: Sry for my Engrish
  • Due the fact that Goons are now using sometimes Siege mode (imo awesome game mode) I have an idea, but we must have one decent server running classic (CTF only), and be good configured, able to take up at least 32 players with no problems. It must reach stability like goons.

    btw ZORN is lagged from my point of view.

    So what my idea is? I think about making EU Goon Haven server (name it eg Goon Haven East), of course if goon admins give permission to do that. Advert the server on "welocome bar"/"welcome screen". I think that won't split the community much. Majority will stay on goons, and few players will join EU server - implicates some life to EU.

    While some users do not want to play Siege mode, they can join to EU Goon Haven server with CTF mode. Ping should be no problem - I play on goons with ping around 200, I'm not a vet, and I've no problems - you can check my stats.

    I hope US will help EU :)
  • I thik there's a great need to ask. Have on mind that it's not a spliting, but uniting under Goons trademark :)
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    As -Shadow- mentioned, there are not enough players for pub play. I don't think I have seen more than 5 or maybe 6 EU players at once on Goon, ever.

    Weekly ORGANIZED gameing, however, could still be possible.
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    5 EU players and eg. 5 addtional US players can be a good start. I'll try to take this idea discussed on goon forum later.

    In addition, organised play could improove playercount on server. Why do not try?

    First off, decide witch server to use:
    revival IQ server (it had a decent configuration)
    improoved Core Center - just help host to configure it
    TRIUMPH (it seems to me it's located in EU got decent ping)
    ][nspired ])ead (got best ping here)
  • I think I've got about 8 players to get started with. I would prefer Sunday, most people (including me) will probably have a bit of spare time at the end of the weekend.
    No one of us is really experienced - I'm more enthusiast than pro. ;-) But it'll be fun! Maybe some other EU players want to join?

    18:00 UTC must be 20:00 here in Germany, at least during summer time. Actually, this sunday I'll be on holidays, but why not try to get a game started sunday next week, that is the 19th, at 20:00 German time? I'll try and get my friends to be online on my server then.
    I'll announce the date and time in an extra thread then.

    BTW, I experienced lags too, after restarting the server everything was fine. I'm going to install Tricon for administration. Any other hints? So I should set the server to classic. Okay. Why do you think this will be an advantage? Easier to play?

    I'm curious if there 'll be enough players to have a nice game. Did I mention that I like turret farming? ;-)

  • 18:00 UTC should be 20:00 German time, yes. 19th is totally fine by me.

    You should set the server to classic, because it's main-stream. With classic we have better chances to attract some ppl. It's not realy easyer than base, it's more fast paced. It's fun play.

    You should also make sure that you have some good small maps on the server. With 5 vs 5 large maps will be troublesome. If you have Minotaur, Small Crossing and Dangerous Crossing we sould be fine.

    Are all the 8 players new to the game or have they atleast some experience already? If everyone is new... IDK how this will work out. Then there should be team captains that can somewhat explain what the defense people and what the offense people are supposed to do and what loadouts they should take. Or even better would be if they can just look up that information before the game from the newbie guide.

    Proxy_ (/ Motivation_0 in game)
  • Muesli

    Some points, that I mentioned in-game:
    - network configuration seems to be ok, but I have too high ping
    - game configuration - think about adequate rule-set (team damage ON, no base rape, mortar turrets, etc)

    - contact somebody who was hosting IQ servers (i've had very low ping there, server was hosted in germany as I know) if he can help You in a server configuration. Or maybe change server hosting to one that IQ had. OR maybe IQ should be reactivated.
    - you can also contact with goons admins to get some help with configurating server

    Ich sprache deutsch nicht, so if you're gonna bring some friends be sure they're after taking a short newbie guide. It will help avoid they're not interested in game cause it's too hard for them or they're overwhelmed others skill.

    As I said, i've had no german skills, but I found something about IQ servers here: (in german)

    Maybe you can find contacts there.
  • I have burfday on sunday D:
  • Woah, i just discovered this forum and found out you guys were waiting for something to happen, or maybe not. You know that since the start of august i was checking around on the net to see where i could find eu players still interested to play? And didn't find any place.

    Be there sunday @ 21h CET and if possible a bit before around 20h CET, if we can be like 10-12 players on a server playing mino/celerity around 20h CET, it might get people to join the server so once time they have joined, i'll block them and make them wait 1 hour to play the mixed with us.

    I see proxy, roberto, shadow, xionc, hurrr, muesli, blackhart : 7 players? With me 8. And probably Saddam, iDeally, Motivation, domi, ellbee would play. What about we fix a day for some pub games? I mean, we could say : let's play some pubs everyday @ 18h CET on eu server. We'll start with a lak if we are 5-6, and if 5-6 others players join we could play a small ctf game.

    By the way, i don't have all the servers appearing on the list that's why i only see a base server aka Zorn circus maximus. If there is any classic eu server left and on, can someone tell me the ip and who is the admin of server to give me admin priveledges.

    I'll try to get some pubs going on, if i can't i'll try to revive some clustermixeds guys, i just need time and patience, we all do, and also the most important : you guys have to be seriously motivated, if you see some eu players on goon haven keep them inform the eu community is trying to do some mixies nowadays, and maybe soon we'll be able to get more interest.
  • Robertom for example, if i remember correctly you are a real-life friend of a DEC player right? robertom-2002 was that you?

    You could contact your DEC friend (Amotea i think neh?) and i might need Amotea to contact TheDargo and some others. It's like that it works.
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    I can't play everyday.

    But I would be interested in regular games if we can agree on a specific day and daytime. So that EVERYONE WILL KNOW WHEN THE SERVER IS POPULATED.
    As I said before: I would be able to play every wednesday or sunday at 18:00 UTC /20:00 CET for around 1h.

    Also: Someone should make Zorn Circus Maximus run classic. As the bigger lot of ACTIVE euro players seem to prefer it over base.

    Sry for Engrish,
  • btw, here's EU forum, due the irc channel it's less used, so looks quite dead :)
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