Quick bomber crew guide

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It is copypasta from goons forums:

I see growing interest in bombing, so nawbs, here some important TIPS:

Pilot and Bombardier ALWAYS take:
-Medium Armor
-Repair* or ammo** pack
-Missle launcher

* - at least one member of a crew must have repair pack
** - to be able to toss more flares, missles for TG (make bind for tossing ammo and nades)

Tailgunner ALWAYS take:
-Heavy Armor
-Missle launcher
-adequate pack INV/SJ/REP/AMMO (mostly in this order, from most useful to sometimes useless)

If You are TG:
REPORT FLARE COUNT EVERY TURN (while bomber is turning to make another bombing)
You can do it by teamsay that:
I've got x flares left.
x flares left
x flares

where x is a nuber of flares that you have while you write it

You can also report missle count, it's useful too.

Try to do not waste flares, when bomber is leaving "hot area". Try to throw them only if missle can damage bomber hull (not shield). Of course in "hot area" sometimes its good to throw flares whithout missle warrning (you should know when sometimes is). Your missles can be also missguided at your flares - have it on mind, esspecially when shrikes are chasing you.

Use CC while you aren't busy at the moment.

If You are Bombardier:
Mark strategic targets (eg vpad) in your CC (right click > attack > VCA), to allow You attack them before You see them.

Scan you view for enemy MPB (they can't be marked from CC)

If you see MPB (cant be marked in CC while deployed), mark it by targeting laster, but do it after you drop bombs. You can also mark other targets, or fieldpoints. Be shure that you marked close enough to mpb, than say VTM, pilot should know you marked important target.

Do not waste firepower to fire belly turret, it is useless when attacking ground, it's only useful in dogfight. ONLY.Never use it for attack anything expect shrike/thundersword/havoc (btw havoc can be easly hit by bombs in air). Never try to shoot at infatry with turret. Sometimes is better to drop bombs than trying get rid off shrike on tail, you should have sense.

Tell others about destroyed stuff (eg VEV, VER, VET). Zoom at vpads/turrets/sensors/etc if they're destroyed, to let pilot know if he should aim at them.

Try to concentrate bomb-power while attacking heavly armored stuff (MPB, vpads, turrets), and try to spread bombs while attacking infatry or landspike turret field.

Use CC while you aren't busy at the moment.

Bombing isn't just dropping bombs.

Pilot TIPS were wrote many times in other threats


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