Work in Progress?


As a fan of Tribes since the release of T1 (well, I was ... ahem, already 22 then..) and a happy (but not-so-skillful) T2 player I really appreciate the work to bring it back to life. The patch works fine and I'm always trying to convince some more of my friends to give it a try.

I wonder if the TribesNext-patch is still in active development. I found the roadmap and also found some hints that Thyth seems to be somewhat busy. Is there a chance we'll see RC3 and RC4 coming?

Ah, I miss the old times with full servers and a huge player base...



  • t2 currently has more players in one server than t1 does in the entire server list
  • Ah, sorry, if I didn't express myself clearly - I'm asking for T2 development. ;-)
  • yes, far as I know Thyth is working on more t2 goodness, I was just commenting on how far the t1 playerbase has fallen compared to t2
  • Hey - didn't I meet, ah, hit you on Katabatic an hour ago?

  • glad to see ya in the game bro
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