General question about Tribes (Torque) engine

1. Is there any new info about modyfing game engine code? (to delete deadstops, and some other bugs)
2.Will it be open source in future?
3. Is there possibility to improove MPB movement? (it's annoing that it slides and do deadstops)
4. How to say/teamsay from console? :F


  • no no no commandtoserver('MessageSent', "message");/commandtoserver('TeamMessageSent', "message");
  • messageall("kryand so seksay");
  • Next questions:
    How to improove fps count, or rather remove critical fps drop on some maps? Now I'm using Rad 9600XT graphic card. Any way to optimize drivers and game settings? (smth more than setting textures to low... - it gives a insignificant change in fps)

    As long as I know, T2 was good optimized for radeons, but in last patch it was screwed up. Why?
  • for r300 core radeons (9500, 9600, 9700, 9800 and derivatives) you want the 5.11 cat driver and no higher if t2 is what you want to optimise the system for, all later drivers offer trouble in t2

    if you have a dual core cpu or a cpu with ht enable thread optimisation in the cat driver

    disable _all_ antialiasing as ati antialiasing does not play nicely with t2, but you can set anisotropic filtering all the way to 16 and it wont hurt fps a bit

    disabling antialiasing is likely the single greatest fps boost other than running in 16bit colour, and i dont recommend 16bit colour unless you have to cuz it looks very bad
  • I already switch to 16bit depth. Sadly I can't set lower resolution than 1152px, cause my monitor "eats" sides, but that's just hardware issue.

    Turnig into 16bit depth didn't make game ugly for me, it really looks good for me now.

    Thanks for response about drivers, now I'm using Omega 2.6.87, they're based on Cat 5.12 - so i need to change them as you wrote.

    But witch drivers would you recommend, while optimizing them only for T2?

    btw what about texture compression? Now I disable it.
  • yeah disable texture compression in the game settings, and run the game resolution at the monitors native resolution or the monitor will have to interpolate the resolution to whatever it is you selected and that is always a bad thing - if you have an lcd

    the 5.12 cat based driver should work, but my fav for the r300 core cards is the 5.11

    just make sure the following is disabled: Adaptive Anti-Aliasing, Catalyst A.I, any antialiasing at all that can be found
  • I installed Cat 5.11 driver, now I've got UE when trying to lauch T2. HELP.
  • do you have a dso deleter? if not get one, and go in and delete all dsos found before you fire the game up again

    also, if 5.11 keeps ueing, go back to 5.12 and live with it
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    I've got some serious problems with my system last night (due to change of drivers). Omega drivers do not work, but catalyst works ok, It was related to monitor drivers.

    I have dso deleter, but how it works? It clean dso files at the startup?

    Now I'll try to check drivers based on Cat 5.9 or 5.10, maybe they would work properly.

    Maybe I should post here my problem, so:
    When I remove old drivers, and install Omega drivers, they do not work. System do not detects any monitor so drivers can't work. Installing Catalyst drivers solves problem, monitor is detected propertly, but I've many monitors in "device menager", about 6 or 7, default monitors, plug'n'play monitors and propely detected monitor or two the same.

    EDIT 2:
    I've just overwritted Cat 5.11 with Omega 2.6.83 drivers, works fine o.O but still can't run T2. I'll try to reinstall Tribes maybe it would help.
  • next time you install drivers run a driver cleaner afterwards

    the dso deleter usualy runs at shutdown so the next time you play t2 it starts with fresh dsos
  • I've just tried everything, including driver cleaning, my system is fucked up right now, I can't run T2.

    When I solve problem with monitor and graphics drivers (or format c:\) i should be able to run T2 under 5.11 or any other drivers.
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    Just for bump:
    After fresh system install, everything seems to works fine. Fps rate gets slighty improoved, but still got some problems on maps like moondance, hostile loch etc (non optimized maps).

    How to lock refresh rate without using any third party software? Did it before, but I forgot how i did that.
    How configure graphics to run game as faster as it can using omega/catalyst drivers?
  • heres one:

    but i run all sliders full right save for gamma
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