3rd person view reticle

A friend of mine tried to play T2 with us - but as with every shooter: He got motion sick. I know, sounds ridiculous, but that's how it is. The odd thing is, when he's playing 3rd person he's got no problem at all.

I wonder if there's a script that shows some kind of reticle/crosshair while in 3rd person view. While in freelook this doesn't make sense, maybe a fixed camera perspective with a modification of the laser painter could work? Any ideas?
He'll probably quit T2 before he really started when theres no way for him to fight during 3rd person view.



  • i know of no script for 3p ret, but the head is exatly where the ret would be

    i wonder if enabling or disabling vsynch would help in the diziness issue?
  • I have a custom set of 3rd POV rets for all vehicles. Only way I run in vehicles is 3rd POV.
    Originally was using VeCters bomber hud, but he stopped developing.

    I have most of the custom weapons and effects skins and many of the old scripts as well. Can't play on satellite however. Holding the flaming blue spinfuser on my sig.
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