Thundersword Bomber Guide

Now there is nothing better like a thsword bomber diving for a bombing run manned with a crew knows its job - and there is nothing worse than a bomber crew who don't.
So I take the courage now, for the shake of newbies who just dont know the how-to for using this most powerful weapon of tribes 2 - the Thundersword bomber! :)

(its a very good idea to have the pilotmodII script, its very useful, get it from here:

First of all, use your command hud, set a waypoint at the enemy vehicle station in order not to miss it. For the most successful bombing run, pilot should achieve a good positional advantage.
Its like this: you should fly at high altitude, attack from behind the base and keep the Thsword's energy at maximum when time comes to bombing, for the vehicle is most vulnerable when above the enemy base, and you will need the energy for the shields.
If you have a missile locked on you, you should remember the magic number: 288, for this is the speed at which missiles travel at. If you fly faster, you will simply outrun the missile, if not, you should! To gain some speed you can either use the aferburner, or dive. If there is water on the map - submerge, the missile will lose track! This can spare the tailgunner some important flares. Also notice, that if energy is full, shields can bear a missile impact with the vehicle not injured.
If you have a SHRIKE (the most annoying pests) locked on your tails, then it's fair to say you suck. Now this is very important: DON'T PANIC! So dont try to run away by using afrerburn - the shrike is faster, and it will just trigger its most innate instincts. Besides, you will need the energy for the sields - though it wont last long if you begin to receive shoots. In fact, your only hope is the tailgunner and the bomber. The tailgunner will try to launch a missile on the shike, so DONT TUG THE DAMN MOUSE, try help the tailgunner and the bomber in aiming, and keep the vehicle's movement as straight and smooth as possible, and use the strafe left/right buttons to confuse the shrike instead of the mouse. Dive slowly and gently, so that the bomber can use the blaster - it wont help much, but will confuse the shrike a little bit. And pray. In fact, taking out a shrike is not that impossible, I've had an experienced crew once, and we succeeded to blow up two chasing shrikes. :) And yeah, you can ask for "vehicle escort" any time ;)

Always be prepared. Dont bomb if flying too low, it'll destroy the vehicle. Use the targeting laser: it will give a special waypoint to the pilot for high altitude bombing. Enjoy the sight ;) (and you will get all the scores for the kills :)

Without a tailgunner, the thsworder will not stand a chance. Its a very important position. As a tailgunner you should equip heavy armour, missile launcher, chaingun, ELF projector, a repair pack and FLARE GRENADES. Your task is: watch the sky, if you see an enemy shrike, lock your missile on it, out of missiles: use your chaingun, out of chaingun, use your ELF. Drop flare grenades if one or more missiles are heading towards you. Dont drop flares if the ship seems to outrun the missile (at 288km/h), or if there is only one missile following you. You have a repair pack, so you will be able to repair the veh in mid air even if it suffers a missile impact. Be clever when using the repair pack, the repair ray also inherits velocity from the bomber, so be patient. Some will say to use sensor jammer pack instead of repair. Dont listen to them, i fount it quite unnecessary, and useless compared to the advantages of the repair pack.

And Good hunting to you all! :)
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