No Base Rape without Tricon?


I've been fiddling around with my server prefs, but I can't find out how to turn off base raping when less than a specified number of players is on. I know that Tricon supports this setting, I wonder if I can turn it of just by editing the prefs file.

I've browsed through the FAQ and the sticky threads but can't find it. Is it me? ::)



  • Hi!
    If you look inside tricon you should be able to see where that is done and copy that method as a script.
  • This is the line in the TriconPrefs.cs file: $Tricon::BaseRapeModMinPlayers = 8;
    I'm not sure if it should be modified or if successfully modified where it should be placed unless it would just go in the base\prefs\ServerPrefs.cs file (assuming that tricon is not installed). I am not a coder, so I don't have a clue how to make a script for it to work.
  • I'll give it a try though I don't know how to script yet. I wonder if all servers that use this mininum-player-count-for-rape are admined via TriCon?
  • Pro'lly not. Blakhart (the all knowing wizard) however, has given you/us a clue as to a working solution w/o installing Tricon2. Fyi, some server managers have had problems with Tricon2, but I've run it for years without a glitch.
  • lol im no wizard, im a +12 elf mage!

    no really you need to look at the tricon code base, open it up (i use tribal ide) and do a search for the function or package that controls the rape

    if you just wanted to splice it into base you could make it a script, and have it called when it should with callbacks spliced into scripts.vl2, but it may be easier to do as a package

    ill look into this later

    for now you could just increase the amount of damage it takes to destroy invos and gens and make everyone happy
  • //BaseRape.cs
    function checkBaseRapePlayers()
    	%count = clientgroup.getcount();
    	for(%i = 0; %i < %count; %i++)
    		if(Clientgroup.getobject(%i).team > 0)
    	echo("");	//don't ask.
    	if(%num >= $Tricon::BaseRapeModMinPlayers)
    		return true;
    function baseRapeModAnnounce(%client)
    	if(getsimtime() - %client.LastRapeAnnounceTime  > 30000)
    		%client.lastRapeAnnounceTime = getsimtime();
    		messageclient(%client, 'Msg', "Server requires " @ $Tricon::BaseRapeModMinPlayers @ " players before base raping is allowed.");
    		decho("BaseRapeModAnnounce - time = " @ (getsimtime() - %client.LastRapeAnnounceTime)/1000 @ "seconds");
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