Bots and pulse sensors

Hey... i have a problem with bots deploying pulse sensors (laggs alot bots but i guess normal bots do that too) , whenever they go to deploy pulse sensors 1 or 2 bots get stuck near the inventory in base in katabatic and jumps there like a moron , bots act like there are no objects in front of them when they have the pulse sensors in the back .


  • go into the mission and see how many bots are tasked with setting sensors, make sure there is only one per team

    delete the task or reduce the weight level for that task if you want to
  • test and see how your editing effects the game, dont worry about cappers and all that, just alter the settings and see how the game plays

    you do have laggs ai users guide right?
  • yeh thats his tut on ai, if u mess with ai u need to read it and understand it
  • Phantom told me that when they have pulse sensors they go directly for the enemy no matter what , so i guess that may be the problem .

    In order for bots to navigate correctly they need a nav graph which the mapper must calculate when making a map for bots (it's the NAV file you find in all of the bot-maps).
    In many maps there are a lot of narrow spots where the nav graph can't be calculated correctly. When a bot is in such a spot and cannot find a nav path, all he can do is to walk in a straight line to his objective location often getting stuck somewhere. That's the problem that you're experiencing. So it's not a matter of the pack the bot is wearing, but of the nav graph of the map.
    Katabatic is notorious for not being bot savvy as are others as Scarabrae.
    I.e. under the Katabatic remote towers you find bots who got stuck all the time. It's a problem of that type of building that can't be fixed.
    Maybe you want to try some other map first...
  • because Tribes 2 was released pre-alpha and took years to get patched up to alpha
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    i just wonder now did lagg fix it then ...hmm, they don't get stuck that often in base .

    1.) Don't place objectives/inv stations in places where the nav graph is incomplete
    2.) Make sure the spawnspheres are placed so an inv station always is in direct line of sight
    3.) Scale up those problematic buildings so the nav graph can be drawn

    Mapping with T2 bots in mind ain't easy...!!!
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